Hi, Nostrils


(High nostril piercings (RIGHT?) on The Morning After by Rob at True Love Tattoo in London, Ontario.)

See more in High Nostrils (Nose Piercing)

26 thoughts on “Hi, Nostrils

  1. By custom Jewelry, i hope you mean a nostril screw of at least 7’16 length, custom bent for your nostril…….

  2. i like these on you!! my man has them done as well
    they have migrated a bit , during the healin process,but they look good still
    love this pic

  3. Why must you always post gorgeous people? It makes me feel bad about myself for being a hideous monster. :(

    It’s cool that her only visible facial piercing is something a little out of the ordinary and so delicate. It’s nice how simple it is.

  4. brandon- you do not need to wear custom jewelry in high nostrils. both times i had mine done, i always wore neometal labret posts, worked awesome.
    i also know some people use nostril screws

  5. hey, they didnt hurt, rob (tribecanada) used labret studs in my nose, and it is two individual nostril piercings pierced using a recieving tube placed as high in the nostril before bone, piercing, then tapering, then inserting the jewellery with a clamp.

  6. I wear a fishtail in my high nostril =)

    She’s beautiful and her piercings look great on her!

  7. Oh wow! my work on Modblog! I’m famous on the internets! Thanks for the compliments Samara. I’m looking forward to our next project.

  8. i gasped when i saw this, prettiest girl i’ve ever seen !
    her eyes are an amazing shade of grey, and they’re further emphasized with the piercings.

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