Ride the Spiral to the End

New rule: When you get tattoos of five circles on your back, the radius of each corresponding to the first five terms in the Fibonacci sequence, and you then place a corresponding number of pomegranate seeds inside each circle, you get to be on ModBlog. (Also, I think Rachel‘s position is distorting the circles a bit, because those suckers are indeed quite straight. Err, round. You know what I mean.)

(Tattoos by Dave at Eye of the Lotus in Edmonton, Alberta.)

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26 thoughts on “Ride the Spiral to the End

  1. @8: FUCK. I totally should have thought of that =( Then again one could get carried away and continue right on over and up again and no way i’m fitting 21 seeds in my navel

  2. for some weird reason this picture makes me feel like im looking at the ass of a 6 year old girl. creepyyy 🙁 and i really just dont get the picture at all.

    im dumb :’(

  3. Beautiful 6 circles. What, you don’t see 6 circles? Well, here are the radii: 0,1,1,2,3,5. That’s 6. You’ve got to look real closely. Don’t you see the first circle, the one with the radius of 0? Trust me, it is there, even if it is impossible to see.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks it looks like she has some kind of weird morphed super aids on her back?

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