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  1. not a fan of “shit tearing out from underneath the skin” tattoos, but it’s pretty impressive.

  2. This tattoo looks just great! Awesome! I don’t look for any mening (religion or political), just like a tattoo it looks awesome! I like things under ripped skin…

  3. Seems to be a strong believer. Wearing his faith close to his heart.
    That`s the right place! Could get ugly, if you´re faith hangs in front of your eyes and blinds you.

    Tattoo`s done great! really creepy with those muscles beneath.

  4. Star of David Shrapnel?

    Looks phenom, though. Well done, good location.

    The whole ‘shit-tearing-out’ thing turns me off, though.

  5. ‘i’ve got jew, under my skin,
    i’ve got jew… DEEEEEEEP in the heart of me’
    sorry, i actually had to!

  6. i like it well done looks great but a little bit funny considering jewish religion doesnt allow tatts

  7. I like the ‘torn flesh’ look when its done well, as in this case! Very nice, balances out all the swastikas of late :p Just having a look at the artist’s folio too, some lovely work there.

  8. @8 LOL!!!

    Gotta wonder though if the poster doesn’t want flame wars why post a tattoo of such a hot topic then. I mean the Jews are only doing to the Muslims what the Nazis did to them (different methods = same result) … I’ll see myself outta here. Exit stage left.

  9. #11 – Not all Jews live in Israel, not all Israelis are involved in this conflict. Hence why politics should not be brought into this tattoo which is just an expression of one person’s faith.

  10. Hi. My name is Emily. I am Jewish.
    And I think this tattoo is obnoxious and ugly.
    That isn’t to say it’s not well done…but it’s pretty dumb, to say the least.

    Ooh and JonnyButts…one shouldn’t attempt to discuss what one knows nothing about. Unless you’re just being a bitch and attempting to start a fight…cause I mean, really….is anyone moronic enough to truly believe what you do? I really hope not.

    Anyway, back to the point. I love being Jewish, I have a hebrew tattoo, all of that good stuff. I just think this is dumb.

  11. Indeed this tattoo has sparked some discussion. Emily I think people should and do talk about things they don’t know about. It is one of the only ways to learn about stuff. Lets also remember this is the internet and people are likely to give opinions just as you have and I am.

    I am not usually a fan of these sort of tats or the subject but it is well done and clearly something personal to the owner so I give it my respect. We do live in a good place if we can express ourselves so openly. Just a shame this is not the case for everyone around the world.

  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    “So help me God, if anybody starts a political flame war, you are all grounded.”

    lol :P

  13. xD, cardboardfrog:an apology is not necessary.#

    A lot of the time these kind of ‘under the skin’ tatts turn me off too, but this is done really well.

  14. @14
    Haha, good point! I only know about the no-tattoos thing from Curb Your Enthusiasm, when Larry David’s dad dies and he can’t be buried with all the other Jews, because he has a tattoo on his ass, and it’s deemed “inappropriate”.

  15. haha Curbed is the shit. i hate ripping skin tattoos, they are visually unappealing and uncreative. and the more i look at this the worse it gets, so on to the next post.

  16. Everything about this tattoo is ugly and tacky, and that’s removing all religious and political context.
    I can’t imagine how some one so driven by faith would settle for a design that seems to fall into a ” slightly deeper than a Spider Man tattoo” category.

  17. Um… so i’m not going to go into the political reasons for not being a fan of the tattoo. But I do have to ask, isn’t there something strange about getting tattooed to celebrate a religion that will not give you traditional burial rights because you have the tattoo?

  18. 21. my guess is that he’s not orthodox (and probably not conservative either) — probably reform. i can’t imagine a reform synagogue caring much about tattoos.

  19. I’m sorry-> 21: youll be burie with tattoos, its a myth. and don’t tell me the same old story about the jew religion and tattoos- im jewish, and i live in Israel and know a bit nore then you about it
    &im not a big fan of religion tattoos, and religion at all, but as long as the person like it, good for him..

    Shalom, vehemsheh yom na’aim!

  20. 13: agree. This kind of “religions symbol under the skin tears free” doesn’t seem very religious for me, it does not look nice, despite really well done artwork. Something like that is not “I am believing, I like it” but aggressive thing.

  21. re: #13 So how do you know he’s talking about something he knows nothing about? Are you assuming he’s not Jewish, therefore can’t have an informed opinion about the conflict in Gaza? I’m not Jewish but as a past student of Religious Studies, I’ve followed the progress and persecution of the Jews from the get-go. What’s happening in Gaza is atrocious and throwing a massive Star of David tattoo across the front page of Modblog at a time like this would be like splashing swastikas (yes yes, symbol of peace) across the front page if a Neo-Nazi group had just committed atrocities. Bad taste.

    Yes, we get that your people were persecuted. I’m just having trouble with the notion that Israel gets a free pass to fuck with people’s shit over in Gaza. 8 journalists are allowed into Gaza. What kinda totalitarian shit is that? Fuckin’ new found Messiah Obama should do something about Israel, cos they are a lil USA after all.

  22. i question this person’s devotion to their religion……..Jewish follower’s aren’t allowed to get tattoos or any other type of body modification because it’s said that to do these things is to desecrate your temple (which is completely frowned upon) and further more would prohibit this guy from being buried in a Jewish burial ground. If he was really that devoted to his religion and culture would he really have been that compelled to defy the laws set forth through their teachings, followings and beliefs? i get mixed signals………..

  23. crackerjack- Actually, there are now more liberal sects of Judaism that is okay with tattoos, especially those with religious significance.

    As for the conflict in Gaza, I think of myself as sitting on the fence with the issue. I don’t think either side is right in what they are doing and need to start acting more like adults and less like spoiled children. (But, it was myyyyyyy country first….No, it was miiiiiiine!) And as I have Muslim as well as Jewish friends, this is certainly a trying time for all of us with looking at each other as friends instead of sworn enemies with all of our differing political views.

  24. @26, as i said above, there are multiple branches of judaism, some of which (most notably reform) probably couldn’t care less if you’re tattooed or not. many very devoted jews belong to reform judaism, and getting a tattoo should in no way be interpreted as being in disagreement with their faith. judaism, like christianity, is not one monolithic unit where everyone believes the exact same thing. like in christianity, different jews interpret their holy texts very differently. hell, it’s my understanding that the whole religion is, in many ways, founded upon interpretation.

    that said, i’m an atheist, so what do i know?

    @27, it’s such a hugely complicated issue — seems like everyone’s being stupid, and it’s impossible to unravel it all in such a way that everyone starts acting like thinking human beings. i wish someone could just tell them, hey, stop lobbing bombs at each other and try being grown ups — and that they’d listen.

  25. Despite all the bullshit being slung in this post… I like it. Art-wise, it’s interesting. If it makes him happy, more power to him.

  26. haha number 8!

    I hate ripped skin tattoos. But this one is at least well executed from a technical standpoint.

  27. the whole “jews can’t get tattooed because its sacrilegious” is actually just misinterpreted myth. although, there is a section that believes that we are created in god’s image, and therefore should not modify ourselves. however, it is completely hypocritical in every form (if it were true), in that modification is not allowed, but circumcision is? and how about shaving all the hair from a woman’s body in the orthodox tradition? as you can see, its just a myth. it pretty much comes from wwii when tattoos were used for evil and for degrading the jews.

    as for the stuff in gaza, i think you all should keep your mouths shut. you aren’t in the conflict, it doesn’t affect you directly, its a horrible, horrible situation, but until they learn over there to live in unity (which they won’t because there’s so much hatred on both ends), there will be no solving anything. and i guess i get grounded for even commenting on that.

    annddddd as for the tattoo, i like jewish tattoos. the taboo on them really keeps them out of sight for the most part. and this one isn’t necessarily ripping skin like you all believe, i think it’s showing how much it means to him and how devoted he is inside.

    whatev. it’s all open for interpretation.

  28. I think saying “i think you all should keep your mouths shut. you aren’t in the conflict, it doesn’t affect you directly, its a horrible, horrible situation, but until they learn over there to live in unity (which they won’t because there’s so much hatred on both ends” is worse than anything already posted on this page in regards to Gaza.

  29. good art work. i interpret it to be that being a jew (with the star) will always be a part of him and its close to his heart.

    ^42 i agree R- if people didnt voice their opinions on things like this no one wud be motivated TO intervene and make a difference. conflicts usually cant be sorted out by the two sides fighting and needs a third party to step in and work things out. people getting passionate about wats happening is so important or else wed all be ignorant pricks… altho some people who voice their opinions are ignorant.. but wat better way to find stuff out than by debating?

  30. You guys are all idiots. That’s a shuriken wound. It’s not even a tattoo. Look at the light gleaming on the metal weapon. This place is full of children.

  31. The art work is really good. And it didn’t occur to me that the subject matter might be a touchy subject at the moment [and yes, I AM well aware of what is happening in Gaza] because in my head I didn’t equate one group of people’s actions with every member of the religion in the world.

    Yes, some Jewish people somewhere are being less than holy. But that doesn’t mean that all Jews everywhere should be spat on.

    I think Tim Minchin says it very well: “We don’t eat pigs. You don’t eat pigs. It seems it’s been that way forever. So if you don’t eat pigs – and we don’t eat pigs – why not not eat pigs together?”

  32. Godwin’d at 13 posts, impressive.

    Now the question lies, impressive for its brevity or length?

  33. Glad that Hamas took a beating? Are you forgetting all the Palestinian civilians who have been massacred during this war? Oh wait, sorry, they are just COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

    And 13, you can’t seriously believe that the Holocaust bears any relevance in this conflict, it’s just a shitty excuse for Zionists trying to justify themselves to outsiders. “Oh look, we have been persecuted in the past, and now it’s happening alllll overrrr agaaaiiiinnn…”

    Fucking Modblog political flamewar. I am going to go light myself on fire now.

  34. from my 13 amazing awesome years in hebrew school i know that it’s “true” that you can’t be buried in a jewish cemetary with a tattoo. judaism also doesn’t allow cremation, yet my grandfather was cremated and buried a jewish cemetary. there are several loopholes in judaism, like the fact that you can’t be a gay male and engage in gay sex, but it’s fine to be a lesbian.

    BUT, very nicely done tattoo, not my cup o’ tea.

  35. “I am going to go light myself on fire now.”

    please do. Sure I feel for the Palestinians, but of the 100,000 people who die every day on average, they are at the bottom of the list.

  36. Though I have nothing to add re: the particular situation in Gaza, I will say this.. as long as my tax dollars are going to the State of Israel, I will comment when and where I choose.

    I’m a bit meh on the tattoo.. but it’s not mine…

  37. personally I think this Gaza episode is great: proves that Islam is stupid AND the theory of evolution at once!

  38. re: as for the stuff in gaza, i think you all should keep your mouths shut. you aren’t in the conflict, it doesn’t affect you directly, its a horrible, horrible situation, but until they learn over there to live in unity (which they won’t because there’s so much hatred on both ends), there will be no solving anything. and i guess i get grounded for even commenting on that.

    wow. just…. wow. so basically, they can’t solve it on their own, but the rest of us should just but out while thousands of human lives are lost? oh wait, it doesn’t affect me, so i shouldn’t care.

    i’m getting to the point that i really think somebody should give it all over to the atheists. they don’t give a shit what god said to whom however long ago, they just want people to stop dropping bombs on each other.

  39. I definitely think we should hand everything over to the athiests. At least their decisions aren’t based on illogical, irrational fantasies.

  40. Jon P

    According to some accounts, It’s the Israeli secularists/Zionists that are continuing this war… for the better part, religious Jews, who have been living there for years alongside their Muslim neighors, do not support bombing the fuck out of dirt poor people. The illogical and irrational fantasy, in this case, is that Western countries have the right to bequeath a country to a group of people regardless of the fact that there are other people living there and expect things to run smoothly.

    And I will say again for the sake of Dean… I’ll shut up about what happens re: Israel and Gaza when the US stops sending Billions of dollars there.

  41. Dean: I have a couple of very close friends who live inside the range of Palestinian rockets, and have all of their lives. They’re both religious Jews, quite orthodox, and they would very much like it if someone could help out Israel not so much by selling them more weapons and turning their heads when they liquify children (just like the enemy does, it’s like watching Daleks kill eachother), but instead by offering assistance, at least politically, for pushing out the psychotic motherfuckers who run Israel at the moment and putting in people who are interested in something other than ironic genocide.

    Evidently a lot of Israelis feel this way.

    It’s very easy for a lot of people to sit around in their very, very safe american houses and make judgements condemning one side and exalting the other, even with the mountain of evidence that both sides are squarely to blame, and have been since about 700 BC, when the Assyrians raised the northern kingdom to the ground.

    You don’t actually need religion to explain the ferocity and insanity of the people in that area of the world. All you need to do is understand scarcity of resource and its affect on sociology.

  42. yttrx: i’m a little confused… are you implying that i’m supporting one side over the other, because my view of this is that everyone’s being stupid.

    i admit i’m not super-informed about what’s going on there, but according to my intro to judaism class, most Israelis aren’t thrilled with the guys in power. it’s pretty fucked up how much support the US gives to that government.

    it’s so frustrating because what they’re arguing about is crap that happened 2000+ years ago that no one actually remembers. there has to be a solution, but fuck if i know what it is. i know the solution isn’t for people to stop talking about it and keep their mouths shut because it “doesn’t affect them” because nothing good ever comes out of silence.

  43. My turn! I think this tatoo is well done, but quite ugly, coz I’m not really into the rippin’ stuff thing
    As for my opinion on the conflict, I’m clearly pro-Palestinian, and I hate the Hamas, I love Jews, and I hate Israel
    there, that should clear things up

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  45. I don’t like the tattoo, artistically, but I do admire the owner for making that statement at a time when Jews are hated more than ever.

  46. Everyone stop saying “jews” and start saying “the Israeli government”, please.

    I’m sure a lot of you are US citizens who have been abroad in the last eight years, and I’m shocked that you’d speak that way, after being ” ‘murikuns”

    It’s a gorgeous tattoo, by the way. nice clean bevel in there.

  47. For the record, the Bible is filled with body modification. When you got married, you got a ring in your nose, not on your finger. This went for Abraham all the way down. Even G-d, speaking to Israel as His bride in Ezekiel, says, ‘See I put a gold ring in your nose’.

    The verse in Leviticus about tattoos, is specific for tattoos for the dead, as part of the practice of necromancy. It was a spiritual thing, not a physical thing.

    The theology of the Bible is that flesh & blood do not enter Heaven, that all on this world are expendable, & gone in a flash. Fasting is killing the flesh to get closer to the spirit.

    Now, let’s talk about how 1989 flesh tear tattoos are,…! C’mon! Do you hide this with a tube top or a Van Valen tour shirt?

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