You Stupid Little Astro Droid

“I know what’s been troubling you. Listen to me. Don’t continue to a be a pawn.”

“I can feel your anger. It gives you focus. It makes you stronger.”

“Learn the power of the Dark Side, Anakin.”

(Scarification by Drew Miniear.)

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22 thoughts on “You Stupid Little Astro Droid

  1. I thought i saw some bird-like tribal on the first pic
    but Darth Vader is so much cooler^^

  2. I totally couldn’t see the whole picture in the first photo and it looked like a random line drawing of shapes. Haha. Waaay better in context.

  3. That is stunning work. Gorgeous detail, well done.

    (As an aside, am I the only one a bit concerned by the artist’s lobe?)

  4. Ito Elemenope’s comment re the lobes – I am not even modded like so many of you here, but even I “EEKED!!!” when I open the jump page. I have learned from many here that those lobies don’t look happy. Too much too fast equals too purple. But the cutting looks delicious! Brilliant work.

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