28 thoughts on “Boundless Pleasure

  1. oh me oh my…girls like this make me sad. why cant i find one like this anywhere.
    she is gorgeous. i want one.

  2. awww…..for my birthday? ya shouldn’t have…..

    but more please. in any way shape or form. ^^

  3. Why oh why do you show these cute girls and then barely show their mods? She’s got this good looking sleeve going on and no lookie. What’s the point? BORING!

  4. Very pretty looking girl but got to agree with Mac (#18)

    Can see some of her mod but very little. Seems like a post just to show a pretty girl, it’s not that type of site, lol .

  5. Cool beans. Thanks everyone.

    And to those concerned, this photo was taken to show my piercings. I have yet to take a photo of my arm(which is not yet a sleeve, by the way) in general let alone to put it on BME. Sorry dudes.

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