38 thoughts on “Two Scoops Ice Cream

  1. I’m with Brittney. They’re awesome. :o~

    I’ve always wondered what healing is like for armpit tattoos… Does any of the color ever come off because your skin kinda rubs against itself? [I can’t think of a better way to describe what I’m trying to say…]

  2. I love it
    Though I must wonder what it would look like if she grew out her arm pit hair o_O

    and I think I’ve seen those plugs at Hot Topic..

  3. yeah i think i have seen those plugs at hot topic as well.
    and damn shes hot.
    for some reason that ink just makes me laugh, i dont know why.

  4. I love the color! But my question is how do you shave it while it heals?? Unless she prefers not to shave, or had it all lazered off I would think this would be extremely hard to keep hairless. I mean you can’t just shave over a fresh tattoo, and I know that most girls shave their pits pretty regularly. I love the tattoo I’m just curious about pit hair now. BTW she’s stunning!

  5. You are killing it girl, great tattoo.

    Now to reign in on some arm pit tattoo questions:
    – Yup, it hurts like hell. Full color & coverage like hers would be a real killer.
    – You don’t really lose more color because you end up not moving your arm very much for the first few days of healing.
    – The healing time needed for shaving is only a week at max. But having those prickly hairs grow in and irritate the fresh wound is ridiculously uncomfortable.

    Much love, my arm pit swallows (birds nests) salute you!

  6. absolutely stunning in all respects!

    Dani, id say that the ~week of not being able to shave would be worth the trouble..all for a good cause!

  7. Well #13…I’m pretty sure people who get tattooed are willing to sacrifice their regular shaving schedule for a short while for proper healing of the tattoo…

  8. The plugs are at hot topic! They also have frakenstein ones and I wanted to get both and wear one on each side but I decided against it. They’re really cute though.

  9. Dani; maybe she waxed before she got the tatt done?
    I dunno how I feel about the design, but I’m digging the plugs as well.

  10. I dont really like it. The baby looks like something I could’ve drawn. But if she’s happy with it, which she looks like she is, then more power to her. But the plugs are bitchin’.

  11. I’ve heard that tattooing your armpits makes you stop sweating. Is there any truths to that?

  12. I’m not impressed. Looks poorly done: wrong piece in the wrong place and doesn’t enhance her body. It’s her choice though…

  13. 29:

    Nope. Actually, while you are healing (and would not even think of using deodorant) it makes your sweat smell different b/c it’s mixed w/ a bunch of lymph fluid. Can you imagine how disconcerting it is when one day you stop smelling like you!?!?!

  14. #24- Yes I think that’s accurate.

    Honestly I was too distracted by how cute she is to notice the tattoo for a minute (not that I don’t approve of sharks eating babies)

  15. I just realized I had so many comments on my picture! Thank you guys! I wish it was a better picture posted because it’s hard to see the whole thing. To the HATERS: thanks for the pick me up, you’re such sweet people. Almost daily someone tells me about how they saw this picture on a random website. That’s nuts! I wish I had a better response from the public. Sucks being judge in such a negative way 🙁

    Google it: shark pit tattoo (people are mean)

    PS: my tattoo artist is amazing at what he does, and for whoever said they could have drawn it themselves, guess you are right, if you are a good artist. FYI its done in a traditional style. SIMPLE

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