69 thoughts on “Pain For Pleasure

  1. holy shit that is motherfucking heavy! how does he eat, talk sleep and do all the other fun things?

  2. and @ #5, Matt; why does everything has to have a reason? why take a tattoo? Because it looks awesome, that’s why!

  3. man i’d love to see what your tongue look like if u split it. Would the forks be really long?

  4. WOW!!! is all i can say…didn’t even know it was possible to do such a thing. kudos 🙂

  5. I think we all wanna see the tongue with the jewelry out.
    Could you please do that for us?

  6. OhyourGod, I love it.
    the first half-second i saw this, i thought it was a lip plate, and then i realized it was his tongue.
    My day is now better because of this.

  7. what gets me is how food DOESNT get stuck on that thing… i had to take mine out to eat when it was just over half that size… looks good tho man.

  8. this is pretty cool, but it reminds me of that entry from here a while back when the guy with the large gauge piercing had rotting teeth because he didn’t have the dexterity to clean his teeth with his tongue that he used to.

  9. Haha.

    I saw this picture last night and knew it would be modblogged.

    I think its pretty cool!

    My tongue is only at 15mm. 🙁

  10. I’d love to see how your tongue looks when you take it out. 30 mm wouldn’t even fit between my teeth i think. Very impressive. Can’t imagine having such bick yewellery in my mouth constantly. How you are still able to swallow with it amazes me. Really neat!

  11. Id be worried about the piece coming out while trying to swallow and choking on it 😀

    Quite impressive! Id be much to tempted to split the rest at a size like that.

  12. Unfuckingreal! In a good way =)
    I can’t stop looking at it…looks too good!! I really like it a lot.
    #44, I do agree, I wouldn’t want to inhale/choke on it.

  13. #42 – I won’t be able to go much bigger.
    #43 – Nope.
    #44 & #45 – That would have happened by now and it hasn’t so I am not worried.

  14. 33: Yeah, I was a bit dubious about that guy claiming he had rotting teeth because his large gauge tongue jewellery restricted his tongue movement. How could you possibly know that was the reason? Seems likelier to me he just didn’t have great dental hygiene.

  15. OMG! O_O
    That HAS to affect, at least a bit, the sense of taste
    Still, kudos for you! It’s really impressive
    I wouldn’t dare strectch my tongue…

  16. Not something I’d ever do (my tounge’s at a measly 3.2mm and that’s where I’m staying for the now!), or even particularly like an awful lot, but I gotta admit that’s daaammmmmmn impressive! (And each to their own, right?)
    Eating, talking.. I should imagine he’d/you’d get used to it over time, right? Not like it magically appears at that size overnight!
    As for taste, I can’t imagine it affecting it THAT much, cos the tounge is stretched – nothing is actually taken away from the tounge – it’s just shifted around and sqaushed a bit…

  17. we neeeeeed a video of you talking! Just like a hey what up this is me talkin normally with this huge, impressive plug in my tougne. lol That would be sick

  18. screw talking i want a vid of him singing like the guy with the massive lip plate (i totally blanked on his name) how about a modblog duet?

  19. So I just started stretching my tongue, I moved up to a 6 gauge tonight. I know I have a long way to go before I need to know but when the time comes what kind of plugs do you use and where do you get them? I am inspired by your tongue even though my employer might not like me doing the same thing as you…I’m going for it! Thanks!

  20. Omg I kind of like this, sadly I wouldn’t be able to do that to my tongue. My parents would kill me but I want it now 🙁

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