Who Was That Masked Man?

I’m pretty confident that, as close as you may get to guessing this one, no one’s going to get it right on the nose … and no peeking at the tags, cheaters.

(That’d be Xenceval, sporting an 8 mm. Prince Albert, a few frenum piercings, and what appears to be a mustache fashioned out of black washable marker.)

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35 thoughts on “Who Was That Masked Man?

  1. well that’s full of awesome… i don’t think i could fuck it though, not without feeling like i was harming a small animal or something

  2. Tags: Body Modification, Body Piercing, Genital Piercing, Male Genital Modifications, Male Genital Piercing

    *rolls eyes*

  3. Whiskers? Oh man, I really thought those were marks for…something…couldn’t figure out what… “Scalpel? Multiple piercings? He probably should be wearing a glove if they’ve already cleaned him… Those are uneven…” *reads comments* Whiskers? *looks back at picture* Whiskers!

  4. Her hand? at least I can’t see more than one on the picture..

    And about the mods I actually like them, I usually don’t like genitals that much especially not on guys.. But these look really good ^^

  5. Its Tottie’s hand (iam: kickin’ ass since 1985) it was her idea to make this picture

  6. “balls(metal) inside of a head was my guess, but im still confused”

    You don’t know what a foreskin looks like? : /

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