It’s Instilled to Wanna Live

Marissa sends in this tattoo, based on a drawing that describes how cats land on their feet. Look, I don’t need some fancy illustration to tell me how cats land on their feet — it’s witchcraft, plain and simple. When I throw my dogs around, they land on their asses, the way nature intended, and then they get a treat. Cats? Cats are acting in direct defiance of God’s will. Not surprising. Not surprising at all.

(Tattoo by Brian Garber at Wizards One in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.)

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27 thoughts on “It’s Instilled to Wanna Live

  1. Don’t get confused. They’re chameleon cats, a rare breed that changes colors to match it’s surroundings and mood, which is also going against God’s will.

  2. i like cats. infact my name isnt riki, thats my cats name. my real name is katie. nice tattoo also

  3. in 3 years, you wont even be able to tell what the hell that is, if the top 2 are even still visible and dont look like smoke or dirt on her arm…cool concept horrible tattoo.

  4. Hmm. I really like the concept as well; a diagram of a cat righting itself after a fall would be a pretty sweet tattoo but I don’t really understand this incarnation. Why does the colour of the cat and the style of illustration change in every stage? It just looks a bit sloppy and inconsistent. Is there a reasoning behind that? Anyways, it’s okay I guess. The tabby one is cute.

  5. I really enjoy the concept of this, but I’m sure it won’t look so hot in a few years.

    Plus the cats remind me of those fuzzy stickers they had when I was a kid, because they’re so soft looking. Please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about hahahaha

  6. i think this is an amazing tattoo,
    and the last three cats are representing her own cats,
    so yes, there is a meaning behind the diffrent colors.

    i love it <3

  7. this is excellent. it makes me think of soft and quick things. i love that the cats are different; it sort of looks like it ranges from the simplest stick-cat to the most luxurious ginger.
    i used to have a cat stickerbook but they weren’t fuzzy?

  8. its because a cats cerebellum [which handles “balance” information] is much much more developed than other animals, allowing its brain to figure out its spatial orientation relative to the ground and adjust its body midair. they also have more vertebrae than [for example] humans, allowing their bodies to twist like crazy. now you can impress your friends with your newfound knowledge!

    as far as the tattoo not aging well…who cares? people dont age well.

    i hate cats, but its a great tattoo.

  9. i effing love it! koshkas > dogs. i really like how they’re her different cats, makes it a much more interesting tat visually and conceptually.

  10. hey that’s mine. to answer people’s questions, the last three are my cats and the whole thing was suposed to be a kind of progression from simple lines to full color. also i wanted it to resemble the illustrations from the golden books i read as a kid.

  11. This inspires me to get a similar tattoo, illustrating the buttered toast-cat effect, where one butters a piece of toast and straps it to a cat to defy physics.


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