BME Day at Venus by Maria Tash!

We are very happy to present BME day at Venus by Maria Tash on Wednesday, February 11 from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.! (We’ll stay open later if there is enough interest.) To make an appointment, please contact Venus by Maria Tash.

In order to help start creating videos for the new video section of BME, we’ll be spending the day at Venus by Maria Tash, documenting procedures done the right way and giving away BME swag with every piercing! (Don’t worry if you’re camera-shy, though: We don’t need to show your face.)

Piercing by Meg (IAM: MissMeg)

Venus by Maria Tash
653 Broadway, New York NY 10012
Phone 212 253 0921

Piercing prices (plus the cost of jewelry starting at $10!)
$10 piercings
$35 basic genital
$65 advanced genital

You must mention this post or print out the form above. (Click through for a larger version.) We hope to see you there!

21 thoughts on “BME Day at Venus by Maria Tash!

  1. It’s not! It’s just this is where I am right now. 🙂 I’ll be hoping to do stuff like this in cities around the world once the new site launches!

  2. If you are still there in March i am all about getting something new pierced and filmed. i wont be in nyc till march 20th though

  3. Oh God, I feel so bad. I actually do live in the nyc area but I can’t make it… I might as well live with all of you international bme’ers! 😛

    I really hope it goes well and you guys get some good footage and serve some happy clients. 🙂

  4. DAMN! if only you where doing this a few days later! I’m suppose to be in new york next week…ughhh 🙁

  5. i really hope the bme video won’t be close up step by step procedures…. youtube is bad enough. we don’t need more hacks trying to imitate what they see via bme video of professional piercers

  6. Aahh, it’s the shop whose policy (as was stated in one of the BME interviews) is not to employ too modified people not to scare off the likes of Britney and Jenna Jameson, isn’t it? It’s funny that BME who claims to support all degrees of being modified are having a BME day at a place which would discriminate against big percentage of BME readers.

  7. Inza: Employers have the right to decide what employees they hire. Considering the staff is heavily modified, your post is clearly taking it whatever claims you’re making out of context.

  8. yay! i was planning to go there tomorrow to get a new clicker for my septum… but given this information i might have to consider getting a hood piercing or something…

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