Nice Shooting, Son

I definitely feel like I’m missing the reference here, so until someone enlightens me as to who or what the subject of this stellar piece by Dustin Poole from Sacred Balance actually is, I’m just going to believe it to be the cyber-sexy offspring of Silver Surfer and lovable droid C3PO. Prove me wrong, ModBlog! Prove me wrong.

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32 thoughts on “Nice Shooting, Son

  1. This is a figure from an 80′s computer animation commissioned by the US Steel industry. You might be able to find it on Youtube. Was very cutting edge for its time.

  2. oh wow I’m happy to know where this is from,
    but i can’t remember the artist, i have a collection of his…
    or really its my fathers which is weirder if you’ve seen alot of his work
    but if i had to guess i would go with Orchestras answer -.-
    i can tell you by Thursday.. or you could do a little creative googling.
    i’m positive someone on modblog can answer this thou.

  3. it’s from aerosmith album, i’m pretty sure…
    i would guess “just push play”, the one with jaded and fly away from here.

  4. Does anyone read before posting?
    I dig this, metal can be tricky to render, but this was well done. I feel like the head could use some work though, some blue thrown in.

  5. I lol’d at 17.

    I thought Metropolis at first too, then I figured it looked more like the robot girl from Just Push Play (huge ‘Smith fan, should have seen it first but w/ever)

    either way, lovely work

  6. It’ really looks like the Aerosmith cover of “just push play” But, about the work. I’m very impressed with the metal shine and texture of this. Defiantly Modblog worthy.

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