Oh, this? This is just a cold stunning photo of Faye from Arnhem, Netherlands, by “Dickh.” And … that’s about it. Wow. Carry on.

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25 thoughts on “Silencio

  1. I think her boobs are out of proportion.
    Never the less, shes perfect just as we all are.
    I was born with pigeon chest, in other words; born with a chest implant.

    Shes amazing.

  2. If a pic of a female Naked mole rat is put up that has a tatoo and is
    exposing it’s breasts, will that be stunning/gorgeous/amazing also?
    Every bare breasted chic posted on here has the same exact comments.

  3. Her boobs aren’t out of proportion. It’s the slight angle she’s turned at plus her dark hair thats creating the visual illusion. Also yay for symetry!

  4. Yeah my tits dont have the same size, they are actually the only thing what makes my body not symmetrical.

  5. All breasts are slightly uneven in size, some are more visible than others. In fact, there is no such thing as true symmetry with the human body. It’s quirks like these that make us all more unique an beautiful.

    And she is GORGEOUS!

  6. beautiful miss!

    yeah, most boobs are uneven, usually larger on the side of the non-dominant hand, as it’s generally the easiest side to breastfeed from.

  7. *yawn* I’ve grown tired of the “Naked Chick” pictures.. really.. Can you just maybe… put a bra on or something?

  8. If she were wearing a bra then you could not see her nipple piercings, which are a body mod, which is the point of modblog.

  9. #2, no one’s breasts are 100% symmetrical. when they’re bigger, you notice the uneven-ness more.

    pictures like this make me really wanna get my nipples pierced.

  10. You look great topless. Your nipple piercings look great. Your tattoos also look good. This is one of the best photos I ever saw on the internet.

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