Any Wang Will Do

Happy Valentine’s Day, ModBlog! Here is Beorn and his amazing multicolored technicolor wang, with piercings by Burgh (he of the Smurficidal offspring). Click through for the whole megillah.

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33 thoughts on “Any Wang Will Do

  1. That is pretty awesome. I see the elephant, but at first glance I thought it was supposed to be a bird, with the top part as the tail and the triangle pieces as wings instead of ears. A bird with a square head and rectangular body. Yeah, I’m changing my vote to elephant.

    Kick ass tattoo, btw. Feels much more like something done because for aesthetics than for the novelty of saying, “Guess where *I’ve* been inked!”

  2. Looks like the pope too imo. In a big ass technicolour pope robe. Only his head wear has changed a bit.

  3. Well, I think this is awesome. Probably the best genital tattoo I’ve seen! (And I don’t usually like .. any genital tattoos)

  4. I have been wanting to get a penis tattoo, but haven’t been able to find a female artist in my area, and i hang out with my normal artist too much socially to be letting him handle my junk lol. Anyone know about the pain level and healing time involved in a penis tattoo?

    That is an awsome tattoo by the way.

  5. What about the piercings? Is the largest ball the bottom of the ap, or a transcrotal?
    It looks like he’s sort of pinned his foreskin to a transcrotal or something…

  6. I absolutely love this. The color & quality are superb. Especially since the penis tattoos I usually see are low-quality, tasteless pieces. This is a great contrast to the things I’ve seen before :]

  7. Wow, normally I don’t like male genital tattoos – all the ones I’ve ever seen before have been kind of low-quality and I always assumed that the skin down there must just not take ink well or something, but this is AMAZING! I would love it if I took a guy home and got surprised by that penis!

  8. I used to make drawings like that in Paint during computers class because I was bored/finished the assignment.
    It’s really fun! And different.

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