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Hey, holiday symbolism! And before anyone jumps in to criticize, those hand-web piercings are one day old. If they look fresh or irritated … that’s why.

And just like that, friends, another week is behind us. What kinds of hilarious hi-jinx did we get up to this time?

A brand new interview with The Lizardman! Always nice to hear from our fine, scaly friend.

VOMIT didn’t drink boners, but she did show us a fancy balloon trick.

Your managing editor was enlightened about the existence of long-standing Internet meme, and subsequently deleted the Internet, all of it, forever.

A fine display of piercing-reversal with this stitched-up stretched labret by xPUREx.

Samurai + serpent + swastikas = one hell of a back-piece.

Ryan Ouellette and xPUREx would both like to cut you at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts convention.

No, really, we had a lot of really tremendous scars this week.

And there you have it. We’ll check back in over the weekend here and there, and then rise from the ashes on Monday morning, good as new. We’ve got some great interviews to look forward to soon, and, what, a complete redesign of BME rolling out any day now? Hell yeah. Be good to each other on this fabricated excuse to sell chocolate, ModBlog, stay safe, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

19 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. I will never understand hand web piercings. They don’t look cool, they are like asking to be ripped out or infected or horribly irritated. I just don’t see the point.

  2. Whenever I see hand web piercings it makes me want to redo mine. They look amazing! And despite what you may think, they don’t get caught that often, you just have to get used to them like anything else.

  3. Scott: They don’t heal when they are not done correctly (right gauge size, right jewelry,etc) and the individual doesn’t take care of them properly, make minor lifestyle adjustments,etc.

  4. i think it looks so cool but im a wuss who thinks that looks very painful especially during healing and getting used it

  5. I’d consider handweb piercings at a large gauge if I didn’t have to take gloves on and off all the time 🙁 Phooey!

  6. Handweb piercings look not so bad…
    but then you get them done and realize you can’t open a bottle of water..
    I’ve never had them long enough for them to get irritated.. useless piercings..

  7. Every time I see hand web piercings it reminds me of when I was little and used to push sewing pins in my hands and fingers. It’s a great way to scare friends when you’re 8 years old. Of course, this has nothing to do with the piercing above. I’m just an old lady reminiscing. Happy V-Day!

  8. you ever see any fully healed hand web piercings? yea. me neither. personally, i wont do anything on someone that i dont think will work out.

  9. johnkid: i actually have. I’ve even personally seen finger tip piercings heal. So one can never say never.

    Jamie: you are correct that can be said about ALL piercings….Well most…Like 99%

    BlueStar: Sandra, between index and middle finger web piercings or middle to ring finger or ring finger to pinky,etc. They aren’t the “standard/typical” hand web piercing, but they are still hand web piercings and they do not interfere with your opening of a bottle 😉

    They really should be done at something like a 12ga or 10ga though, provided they have enough webbing,etc.

  10. but with that being said, the “average” person will most likely not be able to heal a handweb properly since they just cannot make the specific adjustments to their lifestyle/how they do things, to help achieve effective healing process,etc.

  11. #9 I completely understand!
    If i wasnt a dental assistant I would DEFINATLEY get cute little bits of metal in my hand webs too >.<

  12. Okay warren, i’ll bite. Can you tell me some of these minor lifestyle adjustments to help in the healing process? You may just sell me on getting these piercings!

  13. youre right warren. some people can heal anything. and sometimes things heal when they normally wouldnt because… well i dont know. the body is a complex organism.

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