The Light

Name? Mathias Nilsson. Location? Stockholm, Sweden. Lowbrets? Self-done, three days old. Eyes? Could have only been born of the ocean.

See more in Double and Multi-Labrets (Lip Piercing)

32 thoughts on “The Light

  1. This is probably a racist remark, but I’ll say it anyway – every modblog pic from Sweden makes me believe Swedes are the most beautiful race on the planet. Mathias’ mods really accentuate his great bone structure. Fuck, I’m so jealous.

  2. And this shows very well the reason I want to move to Sweden.

    Swedes are the most beautiful people on the planet

  3. Dean Farrar, headphones don’t make someone look dumb. Stupid comments do.

    He has nice cheekbones and symmetrical piercings. cute!

  4. Mathias Nilsson…isn’t that the name of the Swedish character in the game Mercenaries?

  5. Ahh yes, Sweden is a nice place to live, but now when the winter is sending chills down my spine every time I go out I can’t imagine how I could hate living here more than I do now…but we still have the hottest girls in the world to make the winter less chilly ;D

    I like his piercings.

    And by the way, skullcandy sucks some major ass, seriously they sound like crap and cost way too much compared to what you get, and they aren’t even pretty.

  6. I like my skullcandy headphones, dubstep and darkpsy sounds awesome in ‘em. And I don’t use them to feel special, I just picked a pair of headphones at random.
    Stop thinking it’s somekind of effin’ statement to buy skullcandy, I just like listening to music in large noiseblocking headphones!

    And thanks for all the flattering comments *blush*

  7. Well when I used to listen to darkpsy and dnb i used my sony v700dj’s, sure they cost a lot more but I didn’t mind cutting in on other stuff to get a pair of headphones that sounded like them :P

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