Pepperoni, Hold the Fnords

I can’t help it. I love food tattoos. I really do. And the fact that this is my weakness notwithstanding, it’s still heartening to see people think outside the box and come up with pieces like this that combine two of my greatest passions: pizza and conspiracy theories. And to top it all off?

“Did I get free pizza?” the wearer asks. “Yes. Yes I did.”

Excellent. BUT … did you gravy up that pizza? No? Well, I think you know what you have to do.

(Tattoo by James Yocum at Black Rat Tattoo in Las Cruces, New Mexico.)

7 thoughts on “Pepperoni, Hold the Fnords

  1. This is a clever tattoo :-P I love it.. but yah, gravy on pizza? WHY would you ruin pizza by doing that??

  2. Aggggh I clicked the link and it ruined my life.

    I do agree that I could eat nothing but pizza and pizza-like substances and be a very happy lardy lady.

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