Here is Your Life

Hey, smiley! That’d be Lucky Diamond Rich, the most tattooed man in the world, getting worked on by Adam Craft at Illicit Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand. What helps Rich substantiate the claim of being the “most tattooed” is the fact that he’s gotten layers upon layers of tattoo work—this may be apocryphal, but I seem to remember hearing that in some places, he’s got as many as seven layers that he’s acquired over the years. After the jump, his latest addition.

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58 thoughts on “Here is Your Life

  1. What is up with electronic anonymity that people, especially people on BME, will STILL react like Candice (#2) towards Lucky Diamond Rich. So judgmental! Now back to my mid-term paper…

  2. It’s a shame he went to the most over-rated studio in Auckland where they’re just as likely to ignore you as a client as they are to actually work on you. Unless you’re famous of course. They love the famous. Should’ve gone to Sacred Tattoo, Illicit is just shit.

  3. Rich is just one of the nicest people which you can imagine.

    I met him in amsterdam and whe just had a great chat between shows

  4. man, i bet he knows a thing or two about ink & dermis.
    id love to pick his brain sometime.
    cheers LDR!

  5. Jon P – Both illicit and Sacred are amazing studios with pretty much the best artists in NZ, illicit has some great guest artists as well.
    I have never felt like i was being ignored or snubbed at illicit – maybe its just you?

  6. I love the color of him. solid black is the best. I don’t think one black arm is going to cut it for me.

  7. Ron- Lucky has a grill!!!! He’s had it for longer then most of those tattoos!
    lucky is such a funny cat

  8. Hey calm down Jon. I think you’ve been into the shop about three times and i’m pretty sure i chatted to you each time. How about you lay off the bad mouthing cos it just makes you look bitter. If you have a problem why don’t you send me an Email and i’m sure we can sort it out.

  9. Hey Jon,

    If you’re gonna start talking like that about the shop I work in, please stop sending me texts asking what I’m up to & how work has been, some might see that as two-faced & disrespectful.

    Tim, your former friend.

  10. i just got back to north america from auckland and every maori and their mom has full coverage tattoos. i checked out illicit while i was there and i can say they are “famous friendly”. seeing mod artists with famous people on the wall made me think “does this place need famous people in order to get business?” no offence to LDR but id rather get work done by someone who is legitamately interested in working on me than working on my fame.

  11. I see nothing wrong with a studio advertising that famous people have come into their shop. Is it any different from a sports bar or a restaurant. It just adds to the character of the place and imo judge a place by it’s work and the people who work there than by what they have deco-ing the walls.

  12. 1) I think I may have a sexual perversion cos conflict gets me hard.

    2) Illicit loves famous people. I’ve seen many a photo of celebrities in that studio. You can’t deny it. Now, whether or not they prefer famous people, I can’t say. Logically, if they ONLY tattooed famous people their client-base would be so small as to make it impossible to stay afloat. Unless the celebs pay through the roof. So obviously, they tattoo average joes too. Bread and butter I would think.

    3) Hastily writing comments with the sole intention of causing offense is immature and hurtful. Hail satan, it may feel good, but I probably should’ve said, “Fuck a couple of the dudes who TATTOO at Illicit for being dicks to people I know” with the added disclaimer that Nic and Tim are good cunts and, although their side is the piercing side of the business, it’s still the same studio and making a comment like, “Illicit is just shit” will probably tar them with the same brush to anyone who isn’t fully informed. My bad.

    4) C’mon Tim, I ask how you are and how work’s going because I give enough of a fuck to ask. I wouldn’t care if you worked at McD’s or Saatchi and Saatchi, I’d still ask how you were and how work was going. But if you wanna label yourself a former friend, go for gold. We don’t hang out, I live in another town, you never reply to texts anyway, and it’s no skin off my back. Kohia te kai rangatira, ruia te taitea. I wish you all the best.

    5) It’s log, log, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood. It’s log, log, it’s better than bad, it’s good.

    6) I’m a bitter little twerp with no life who likes to antagonize people on BME because I think it’s shit now that Rachel is in charge. Fuck Jon P. Fuck everything I’ve ever written and all I ever did for IAM.

    Oh god, I love the drama. I’m gonna go jerk me a nice creamy load of shivering hate.

  13. Boo controversy.
    I think we should all just agree that it’s awesome that such a tiny, oft-ignored country that’s actually awesome and is full of some pretty awesome people got some good recognition for a change.
    I love my country. *hugs the ground*

  14. Hey Jon,

    I’m not really keen to stay friends with someone who says one thing on a public forum then claims he was only joking via text 5 minutes later, you’ve got no integrity & I’d rather not have people like you in my life.

    Back on track though, if you can mention specific incidents where you or your friends felt wronged in relation to our shop or how we handle our business, whether it was piercing, tattooing, buying a tee-shirt or whatever, then I can give you a number to call & we’ll do our best to make things right. But when you come up with “Some guy that works there was rude to a dude that I know”, you don’t really have much to go on, & I think it’s really just you coming down with a bad case of tall poppy syndrome.

    Concerning the pictures of celebrities we have on the wall, what’s the beef? Fuck yeah we’ve had dudes like the Eagles Of Death Metal & Marilyn Manson get tattooed in here, you think that happens every day in NZ? Of course we want to celebrate that! It’s good for our business & our customers enjoy finding out their favourite musicians and celebrities have had work done here.

    I probably shouldn’t be posting this considering internet drama is pretty much your hobby, but I’d rather not have people think we’re a shop full of arrogant star-fuckers just because some guy on the internet said so.

    P.S. Lucky Diamond Rich is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, but he’s also one of the busiest, I can’t imagine him intentionally being rude to anyone without a good reason.

  15. Hey Tim,

    I’ve met you like twice max. I was never in your life so wtf are you talking about? A text from time to time doesn’t mean I’m your friend, merely a well-wisher. And fuck yeah, people need to lighten up, it’s the fuckin’ internet. I’ll continue to antagonize people online til my dying day.

    My life doesn’t in any way, shape, or form intersect with yours. So you can take your ponsy Auckland culture, with all your important long-fringed, tight-jeaned friends and stick it.

    Life is meant to be enjoyed, even at the detriment of others sometimes. And I am definitely not going to apologize for living mine how I want while breaking as many societal constraints as I can get away with.

    So fuck Illicit with your over-priced mass-produced shit. I repeat: Stick it.

  16. Hey Jon P –
    I’m with you on the ponsy Auckland thing — I’m from Timaru (in the South Island, between Christchurch and Dunedin, incase you don’t know. You seem a little ignorant, is all). But time to quit the hating. What’s the matter with being proud about famous people searching out you for your work? I work in a cafe, and will proudly gloat to anyone that listens that we’ve served some pretty well known faces. That doesn’t mean to say that I don’t give every other person that walks in the door the same respect and time of day.
    You’re clearly a sad, challenged, underwhelming loser of a person in real life so what’s the deal? You feel you have to make up for it by being someone that mouths off online? You would obviously not say half the things in real life the you do on here, so why bother saying it at all? It just makes you look, well, pathetic actually.
    Good luck with that.

  17. Jon,

    I’m pretty sure you think we’re something we’re not & calling out the entirety of Auckland & it’s “Ponsy”-ness was a really good way to show the internet that you’ve got a hulking wang.

    I’m going to stop replying now because I don’t think you need any help making yourself look like a grumpy child, & at the end of the day our shop is going to continue to thrive & our artists are still going to be doing great tattoos with or without your stamp of approval.

    “Whatevs bro.”

  18. I love this dude, he looks so fucking awesome. I like how he has chosen to go with his tattoos. I love all the layers, and experimentation and how its always changing. Don’t be haters yo.

  19. Oh and I second taking the personal drama off here. Seriously just message each other, the rest of us don’t need or want to read through this crap. At least I don’t.

  20. Jon P, you rule. I’ve not laughed so hard in some time. Keep on truckin’

    for future reference this was the best bit: “So you can take your ponsy Auckland culture, with all your important long-fringed, tight-jeaned friends and stick it”

    sounds like 95% of London, sometimes I just want to take a half brick with me and clatter those dicks round their skulls.

    I digress….

    Lucky’s ink looks sweet, the effect of the layering is insane. His “grill” is a bit frightening, I’d definately fill my pants with shit if he walked into my local bar. As would the barman.

  21. I’d just like to point out for all the people who’ve never been to Illicit that these photos we’re talking about aren’t life-size wall hangings that dominate everything in the shop. They are reasonably small, tasteful and out of the way. I’ve never had a problem with Illicit and I’d never let anyone but Nic pierce me.

    That’s a great shot of Adam and Lucky – which one would think would be the point of these comments

  22. I’m fuckin’ drunk on sweet sweet rum, so I wanna thank you for an awesome laugh Captain Undieman! We had a primo laugh over here!

  23. i have nothing against any singular individual (illicit or not) i’m against the ideal. i don’t agree on making a profit on someone elses artwork or name(or fame in this case).

    yes, drama. same old “everybody loves it but nobody likes to admit it” deal.

  24. Geez, you people will argue about anything, can you do it somehwere else?

    Lmfao ‘Can’t believe he’s had his hand tattooed. Now he’ll never get a job.’

  25. lovin his new ink, i still find it interesting, as someone else said, how many layers of ink he has and can still get a new piece that is obvious from the rest.

    @ Jon P – stop throwing your toys out the pram and grow the fuck up.

  26. Wasnt gonna comment, but I gotta say that Illicit is a great shop and dont understand where all this hate is comin from!

  27. We’ve all had incidences at shops where one or two members of the staff think they are better than the rest of society. And, though it’s wrong, sometimes it just leaves a bad taste in our mouth for the entire shop. I’ve definitely told my friends, “Don’t go there, they’re dicks. Go to this place instead.” when in all actuality, someone in that shop was probably fully capable of providing service with a smile.

    I think it’s the responsibility of store owners to weed out the dickhead employees because it’s human nature to generalize. One bad experience and the whole place blows. The reputation of the shop and all its employees suffers.

    And Jon P. totally addressed that. Bullet number 3 was devoted to how he fucked up in saying that the whole shop sucked. Give dude a break.

    As for Lucky, that is insane. Kudos to him. Love the earrings. And the hand tattoo looks surprisingly rad considering the canvas was already blackened in.

  28. smurf–

    LMAO. that was hilarious.

    hell if had the chance to meet a famous person in any job i was doing, you better damn well believe that the picture of me and said person is goin up on the wall.

  29. “i welcome confrontation because you can’t learn much from idly coasting through life”.

    the person who origionally said it probably put it with more poetic justice than that but that’s the idea. I blame all the drugs i did in the sixties. we have complainers complaining about complainers and why? again “because everybody loves it but nobody wants to admit it”

    walks in the room, stands up “hi my name is steven and i am a complainer”.

  30. Who dosnt like famous people?
    In north america 90%* of the population* is obsesed with the famous… whooooo cares?
    If someone famous came to my shop and asked me to tattoo them of corse I would! (as i would any respecting client.) obvisouly!

    #13…. PRICELESS waaaaay to fuuuunny!!!! loove it!

    * not based on actual facts lol…..

  31. Lucky is an inspiration & a breath of fresh air to the tattoo world, its pretty bad ass what hes accomplished & how he keeps going the tattoo looks amazing!

  32. wow! nice grin too! hahaha

    i agree about one artist putting people off a whole place- no one wants a jerk in their personal space so its really important for piercers and tattoo artists to be cool. along with the fact that despite being a culture its also a business so manners are pretty important. but i also wud think that if illicit had people who were dicks all the time it wudnt be so popular cos word wud eventually spread.

    also big ups to timaru-town kayla im from there too.

  33. way to be hardcore with your keyboard. i’d like to see jon p. say half of that to anyone from illicit in person.

  34. ok so im pretty tame when it comes to the mod community, I’ve had all my tattoos done at illicit, and also my piercings (done by Nic who fixed a screw up by another piercer, wouldnt go to anyone else now days). I went into Illicit a shy 18 yr old girl which they saw and served me in an appropriate manner, helping me to get the results i wanted. I have also been served by more than just one artist and find them all to be great with customer service, even when i got a super tiny seeming insignificant tattoo, basically, i love Illicit, and wouldnt go anywhere else in Auckland for my future tattoos and piercings

    Yay Illicit !!

  35. Adam did my arm and chest, amazing work, everyone who sees it wants one from him, 4 years later and it looks like it was done yesterday. That’s why they probably don’t have time for random text senders, they are too busy doing what they’re there for, the best tattoos in Auckland.

  36. Thought this was to discuss the tattoos, or the fact that a person has seven layers of ink…
    E-mail’s a good communication tool, why not take it there instead of ging so public?
    Cheers for rich! Surely one of the most tattoo-loving people alive (guess he has to be to get so many layers over layers)

  37. Well I havn’t had any mods done at illicit, but whenever I’m in there everyone is lovely.
    Illicit has a good name in New Zealand whether it tattoos the famous or not. :)

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