Peace on Your Wings

It’s hard not to be reminded of Keith Alexander’s beautiful koi backpiece when I see works like this, but this project by Aod from Divine Ink Tattoo in Bangkok, Thailand, is a nice variation on a familiar theme. In a lot of ways, actually, the muted colors and general sparseness in the piece pictured above are more to my tastes—this is 15 hours in, though, so we’ll see if it evolves further from here.

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12 thoughts on “Peace on Your Wings

  1. Wow. The fins look completely 3D. That’s pretty awesome.
    And I’m more of a fan of the muted colors, too. And the subtle waves in the background.
    Overall, I like this a lot.

  2. That’s beautiful. I think I would have preferred brighter colors, but this is gorgeous too.

  3. Oh wow….
    A nice tattoo on Modblog….
    So unexpected these days….
    snark snark snark…

  4. It’s an interesting take on the common imagery. I prefer brighter popping colors but this is also a great tattoo.

  5. Initial reation: pees on my wings? don’t pee on my wings!

    oh.. never mind, I misunderstood. I see now. peas on my wings!

  6. They’re both good but I too like the colouring of this one. I love the scales.

  7. Muted colors? my guess is its actually the irritation and swelling of a black and gray tattoo. judging by the persons other tattoos of the same monochrome values one can only assume this is a freshly finished very long sit of a tattoo and it very well may return to no color in just under a week.

  8. Aww shucks I hope they did do it with some colour instead of just black and white, I love this it feels like it belongs on his skin, like a water mark. I like this better actually compared to the heavily coloured in one.

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