10 thoughts on “David Vidra and Health Educators Make Their Triumphant Return to Toronto

  1. idk about canada, but isn’t there a red cross type organization that offers the same courses for less than half the price?

  2. do you have to be a resident to do this or is a tourist visa good enough? is there a written test or a certificate of attendance? i’m in Toronto right now and vair interested XD

  3. kylenga: The Red Cross does offer a Blood Borne class. As far as I have heard it is short and not specific to the body modification industry. There is also a Blood Borne class for our industry offered by PPIS in California. I personally have taken the Health Educators class for the last 4 years consecutively and it has been a huge eye opener and the bodmod industry specific manual that accompanies the class has been a really great educational resource. I highly recommend it if you work in the industry and especially if in my case if you are a suspension practitioner. To be fair as well the PPIS class i have not personally attended but have heard good things about it.

    Mud: Health Educators travels the world over. The certification is required in some countries to work in some its recommended, however legislation changes all the time.

  4. shoot. are you guys planning to come out to vancouver at all? this summer possibly?

  5. I’ve taken both the regular quickie BBP class, and the full day (8 hours or so) class by David Vidra. The breadth of information given out at David’s class is invaluable to even the most experienced artist. The quickie class may be 1/2 the price, but it’s not even a quarter of the length time-wise, and you learn nothing that a piercer/tattoo artist just out of an apprenticeship doesn’t already know.

  6. and I just found out the class is not $200 its $150, Jordan was forwarded the wrong flier, it happens we are only human after all.
    There is still time to register get in now if you can!

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