Filling a Vacuum

Says Josh of this piece on his left forearm by Nathan Kostechko from Anatomical Art Studio in Moreno Valley, California, “No matter what happens, someone is gonna try to make a dollar.” Ha ha, luckily, soon there will be no more of these “dollars” to make, although I guess the same sentiment could be expressed about gold bars or bags of sand or whatever the new form of global currency will be.

10 thoughts on “Filling a Vacuum

  1. @ socialcoma: dont you mean crappy picture, awesome tattoo? check out Kostechko’s work and youll be ashamed of what you said.

  2. very cool idea, reminds me of some old punk tatt design.
    but it looks sooo washed out, like its will fade away in a few more baths. maybe its just the art style or the photography. this style has gotten so popular but i doubt it can last the test of time. seems like this style will degrade quick and need regular touch-ups to maintain. i think way too many artists are jumping on this bandwagon.

    im surprised because Nathan seems like a dilligent artist and good guy…but what do i know?

  3. Pete: I did check out Nathan’s work and the greater body of his work is quite impressive, however I do stand by my aforementioned comment on this particular piece. Show me a better picture of this tattoo and I might change my tune.

  4. I have this Gas mask model ;) . It is the M3 without the plastic guard on the front of the mask (military GM from The Netherland, exported version of the Canadian C3). Poor picture and/or poor tattoo…?!

  5. Gas masks on ANYTHING= good.

    You could have a super supppper crappy tattoo and if it was gas masked themed it would automatically be cooler in my books.

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