It’s Raining Men! (And Ladies)

Hey, nobody likes rain on a Monday morning, but if all you’re getting drenched with is delightful rainbow-colored, um, little people?, things could be a whole lot worse. So, c’mon—buck up, guy. Between the stylish overcoat and the jaunty ascot, you’ll be just fine.

(This raining pictograms tattoo by Marcelo Berribilli at O Corsario Tattoo Shop in Sao Cralos, Brazil, sent in by O Corsario.)

14 thoughts on “It’s Raining Men! (And Ladies)

  1. This is just a great tattoo! so much symbolism, so many cliches, so many styles, and oh so wonderful…

  2. something about the art style of this piece makes me really like it.
    id love to know more about what it mean to the wearer too!

  3. is the tatoo-ee possibly transgender? with the depressed looking androgynous character being pummeled by the male and female stereotype? or am I projecting

  4. Although I don’t quite get what the meaning is, I love the colors chosen for the symbols. All around nice tattoo. 🙂

  5. in britain when it’s raining heavily the natives say it’s “pissing it down”, i’d guess this was the inspiration for the tattoo?

  6. This is original, and I agree with #9
    One thing, wouldn’t it be Sao Carlos, Brazil?

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