Unborn Burlap

OK, you know what? Not fair. This just isn’t fair. “Chinchilla and cupcake parties are the shit,” she says, knowing full well what she’s doing. You don’t just combine a pretty girl with nice tattoos, an adorable animal and a delicious cupcake and not expect to get featured on ModBlog! Dirty pool. What the hell is a “chinchilla and cupcake party,” anyway? Aside from a blatant appeal to my Internet sensibilities, of course. More shameless pandering, after the jump.

(Tattoos by Nickhole Arcade at Living Dead Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

39 thoughts on “Unborn Burlap

  1. She’s gorgeous, her chest pierce is stunning!

    And the chinchilla actually made me squeal! I love chinnies, they make the best pets in the world.

  2. absolutely beautiful! its like a cute overload!! i cant take much more!!

  3. That’s a cool little beasty…
    And a yummy cupcake…
    Nice mods too…

    And boobs…

  4. I love love love love her sugar skull chest piece. Its the nicest I’ve EVER seen, and I’ve seen quite a few. I wish I was closer to Vegas. =[

    The chinchilla is a cutie too!

  5. i love ex-cheek piercing dimples. i want them without having to go through it!
    p.s. small furry animals for the win!

  6. Cool indeed. One of my favourites. I like the mods and her eyes 🙂


  7. Her philtrum suits her better than most people I’ve seen with one.

  8. Overheard in New York.
    Girl, after getting foot run over by bike: Ow!
    Man with bike: Sorry. (to friend) Look at her eyes, she’s got blowjob eyes.
    –L Train

  9. fuck cupcakes!

    then get the chinchilla to lick off the icing…
    those tender nibbles are soooo goood

  10. Piercing’s and a chin…. two easy ways to my heart. Cheers from a fellow chin owner.

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