The Wild Rumpus

On the bright side, I’m thrilled that an artist as talented as Jesse Smith of Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, took the time to send in photos of some of his excellent tattoos. On the downside, though, I am mildly concerned by the fact that he’s figured out a way to scour my subconscious and turn my fever dreams into realities. Nonetheless.

70 thoughts on “The Wild Rumpus

  1. The worm is going right for his nipple!!! Lawl awesome tat, great colors all around great art.

  2. Wonderful, stunning design, superb colours. What more can one say, except…… I’m soooo jealous.

  3. 8 – I was just going to say the same thing!
    hahahahaha looks amazing though

  4. This looks fake! See I wasn’t wrong. Huge RASH of great tattoos on here as of late.

    hey, does anyone know if there will be a ModProm this year?

  5. That’s got to be the best god damn tattoo I’ve ever seen! O_O

    The cartoon “rabbit” a while ago made me want to kill myself. The tattoo artist who did this should teach the hack who did the rabbit a thing or twenty!!

  6. This is a PHOTOSHOP tattoo. The characers are flat looking; edges are too clean; colors are too bright and unrealistic. Otherwise, it’s clever and imaginative art.

  7. you can tell its good work but it does look a little too good to be true. im sure the tattoo is great in person but it definitely looks a little too enhanced. fuckin with the levels is one thing but…

  8. For the life of me, I will never understand the impulse to criticize things on the Internet for being better than other things you’ve seen.

  9. i feel really bad for people who have only seen such bad tattoos, who, upon seeing something that is executed beautifully, they assume that it’s done in photoshop….

  10. I think they call that… envy.
    Masked by a generous dose of cynicism.

    Ahaha, the little guy goin’ for the nipple is my favorite. I’m in complete agreement with 29.

  11. Hey did you check out the sunset earlier? Totally photoshoped!

    hey do a little research, Guy Aitchison at
    I dare you to try and prove to any professional tattoo artist that his work is photoshoped.

    oh, and i am still wondering who photoshoped 30 extra lbs on my body….?

  12. if anything is photoshopped i think it’s those pics of people hanging from hooks… who really does that?!….

    (um, no. i’m not being serious)

  13. How is that photoshopped? You can see where the ink hasn’t held completely in the bark of the tree and in some of the outlining. If it were photoshopped, don’t you think all the little nuances of tattooing woulda be worked out of the picture?

  14. you’d be surprised what photoshop can do these days. i do agree that this is a surreal image. regardless, art is art. and if this is real, kudos to the tattooist!

  15. hi. my name is murgle-worm. being in a wee beasty’s belly has made me hungry for some nurple.

    this is an awesome tattoo!!!
    hahaha good call on the mona lisa jordan so many people arent aware of that.

  16. The colors are incredible. I had to look a few times to believe that it was real.

    Its a very unique and crazy idea, I love it.

  17. #50 . its a shame that with all that talent he wont open up to more clients. id travel half way across the world for his work

  18. probably my fav. tattoo on modblog. I’m in nova and feel I should journey down to Richmond soon.

  19. i feel like the black sheep of the family saying this but, I do not like this tattoo at all. Yes, its done well, and the colors are “bright,…and shinning” but the tattoo it totally unappealing to me. Might be the subject matter, or the ultra strange positioning. I’m all for asymmetrical tattoos, but this is, i hate the use the word, but “ugly.” Certainly not the best tattoo on modblog.

    And to all the dildos saying its photoshopped. Go choke on a cow dick.

  20. i actually read the story behind the strange positioning on jesse’s website. the client apparently had a medical condition with his chest cage and wasnt comfortable with it being tattooed. so they designed this specifically with that in mind. that accounts for the strange spacial arrangement.

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  22. Jesse Smith is a local friend of mine here in Richmond, this tattoo is the real deal. I haven’t seen this piece in person but I knew who did it at first sight. He has a very definite style and his tattoo work looks just like his color illustration work – crazy composition, bangin color and all. I’ve been watching it evolve to be even more badass since I first met him 6-7 years ago, and I’ve always loved it.

  23. I dont like this kind of shit.I want a tattoo to look like a i the only one who thinks this way?

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