32 thoughts on “Bloom Without Pollen

  1. Wow, wasn’t expecting to see this when I woke up this morning!
    Liona is so much fun to shoot and super pretty, you can check out more images of this wonderful girl on my Flickr page at least until my site is up. Within two weeks everyone will be able to check out Starstormstudios.com

    ~Anna Achmatowicz- Otok
    Starstorm Studios Photograpy

  2. i also like to freak out other people by shoving a fork over my lip piercing. they think it hurts! haha!

  3. It’s not makeup, it’s the Panda Virus! Watch out! Hehhhe :p

    How come everyone always says that and not “Damn I wonder what she looks like without the piercings” ?
    Similar in concept is it not?

  4. dang, i’ve always thought she was sooooo beautiful. i’ve tried to copy her makeup before, but it just doesn’t work out on me, haha.

    totally amazing. 🙂

    and i LOVE playing with forks and my facial piercings, haha. i do it all the time whenever i’m eating, so its funny when we go out to eat with family/other normal people. i won’t even realize i’m doing it until i look up and realize everyone at the table is staring at me with a disgusted look on their faces…oops, haha.
    and i’ve also been known to carry around plastic forks for hours for the same reason. 🙂 tons of fun!

  5. so stunning. i normally don’t like that many facial piercings on girls but she totally rocks it.
    beautiful hair too.
    anyone know where i can get a silverly colour like that?

  6. killer! i wonder what she’s so angry at?
    i hope its the glorification of swastikas! then we can start a rock band!

    i love her piercings, looks liek she did a great job.
    the only downside is how it could encourage others to perform unsafe piercings on themselves and friends.
    but i still gotta support the DIY anyways

  7. I’m a professional piercer… More of a walking portfolio than an advocate for DIY piercings ^_^

    Thanks everybody heh awesome comments ^_^

    Oh and I’m not angry lol I’m squinting cause it was hellasunny.. Sheeesh…. :p
    But I’m up for starting a rockband! For sure! Lol

  8. O NOES!

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