Three Parts Optimist

In the last little while, we’ve featured tattoos covering scars and scars replacing tattoos, but I’m surprised we don’t see more of this—that is, tattoos augmenting healed scarification work. It’s a great effect, and I like that it requires a certain level of patience: the initial planning stages, waiting for the scarification to heal, and finally, adding the tattoo work. This piece comes to us from Azl and Cedric at Tatooatouage in Montreal, Quebec.

14 thoughts on “Three Parts Optimist

  1. that is one of the best things i’ve seen on here ever, really really nice. I’m quite jealous to be fair :)

  2. That’s gorgeous…but I want to see a before shot,of just the scar.It looks great,though.

  3. That looks fantastic! They’re combined so well it’s kinda hard to see where the scars begin and the tattoo ends. It looks so much more alive and textured that “just” a tattoo. Seeing stuff like that really makes me wish I scarred better…

  4. Insane! It looks like water color! Even more like batik, for that matter. Very nice.

  5. Aimee, you can see a before shot of the scar as well as another scar tattoo piece on my iam page……………………Zen Devil

  6. dont look too good to me, although i like the blossoms alot
    still, i respect thier efforts to push the medium(s)

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