Fleshed With Power

Are mustache-finger tattoos a new idea? No. Groundbreaking? Of course not. Still funny? You’re damn right it is. (Well, when Dan does it, at least.) More photos after the jump.

(Tattoos by Alie at TCB in Toronto, Ontario.)

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57 thoughts on “Fleshed With Power

  1. I love this version of it, since it gives you more options. The second pic also reminds me of the Monarch from the Venture Bros.

  2. im a tattoo-on-your-finger-that-you-can-hold-up-to-your-face-to-make-yourself-look-like-an-idiot hater.
    [i only wanted to comment so i could create what might very well be the worlds largest hyphenated compound]

  3. I would say in all the hundreds of thousands of finger-stache tattoos, this would have to be the beat-all, end-all tattoo(s). It works in so many wonderful ways. *Waits for someone to do finger mutton-chops*

  4. While I don’t usually like finger moustache tattoos, this one looks much better mostly because If he didn’t have his fingers near his face then they would look like interesting designs on his fingers rather than being able to immediately tell what they are.

  5. I know when things get all popular and over hyped it wrecks the joke, but I still think finger tattoos are funny. Call me passe.

  6. WTF?! my friend just did this one like a month ago! and we all thought it was so cool because we had never seen that variation on a moustasche-tattoo before.. that sucks big time :(

  7. Ah!

    I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a double finger tattoo like this just a few weeks ago.

    Its more amazing than I thought it would be.

  8. Dan…you didn’t have these the last time I saw you! Awesome! I’m jealous of how stellar it looks.

  9. Why would you get a tattoo simply for the originality of it? I’ve seen very few completely original pieces in my life. Somebody else is inevitably going to be doing what you are. Big deal. That’s life.

    This is kinda cute.I like that you can make different ‘poses’ or moods with it.

  10. mule and below; chillll chillll.
    its a funny tattoo.
    like if salvador dali didnt have his tache and lived now hed get t haha :)

  11. I totally drew on the test run mustachio for him… heheheheheheh too bad I couldn’t have been there when he got it done, I was on a train back to the states :( At any rate Dan totally rocks my socks!!!!

  12. cool but somewhat stupid unless done by a good tattooist.
    if not done well it will just fade away and you’ll be left with grotty looking fingers..

  13. your an idiot and a waker, you give people with decent art a bad name,,,,,do youself and every other poor bastard that has too see them and get them fingers cut off………………..

  14. I love venture bros, and i’m excited that you look like the monarch in the second picture.

  15. I can not believe someone would seriously be THAT retarded to do this. Even worse, I can not fathom how many idiots are on this site thinking it’s cool. Wait 25 more years and let’s see if you think it’s still cool. Good luck ever getting a real job and explaining to your children’s teachers what the crap is your problem. Goodness get a life seriously…Maybe a few brain cells too. I see the public school system failed yet another child……

  16. Lol! Rock ‘n roll! He looks like on of those rockabillyhypepeople though.

  17. to “the only smart person around” chill out man. Its a funny tat. You think people who get tattoos or any other body modifications really care what others are gonna think of them now or 25 years from now? NO!!! We don’t give a F***k. We’re not planning out or lives for “descent” slave jobs that tell us what to do with our bodies, and who gives a crap what our children’s teachers say wth, cause we really have to live our lives to yours and all the other squares’ standards. His tats iare hardly even visible if you’re not looking straight at them! So who cares what you think, tats rock!

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHA #51 you said tat not once but twice …I can see why you wouldn’t care you’re to ill informed to have an opinion on what’s good and what isn’t lemme guess you LOOOVVVEEE Miami Ink too…. ahhhh too funny..thanks for the laugh I needed that.

  19. me and you both, Vern. and this guy. and like two other dudes that I know. :(

  20. Have people not heard of permanent markers? It works fine. And you can wash it off after the joke stopped being funny. Which, I’m betting, is about five minutes later.

  21. Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing…
    Body modification shouldn’t be a contest, like “mule” is insinuating.
    If one person does something to their body, expect someone else to eventually do the same thing.
    It just goes without saying.

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