All Obvious Confections

How’s Saturday treating you, ModBlog? It’s a gorgeous day over in these parts—just about time to start breaking out some summery treats like Sara’s got up there, I think. Thank goodness she had the foresight to not wear a shirt, though. Those stains are a bitch to get out.

(Photo by Justin Tipton.)

See more in “Standard” Female Nipple Piercings (Nipple Piercing)

62 thoughts on “All Obvious Confections

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the idea of having food on you gross? For example, the idea of food fights makes my stomach turn

    Other that that, cute chick.

  2. **Beautiful boobies darling!** I want to do inappropriate things to them!

    My roommate just said: “The weather has just gotten above zero and everyone feels the need to be NAKED already!” (in regards to the multitude of short shorts and miniskirts we’ve seen recently).

    I laughed because I just turned my laptop to show her and she was like: “It’s DEFINITELY not that hot!” haha

  3. Her face is adorable. The coloring of the pop-sickle on her though… could be a different color.

  4. is that a minor baby belly? Or just the camera angle?
    – She’s absolutely STUNNING; totally jealous of her boobies!

  5. @21 Because she’s cute, and cute people belong here.

    (oh yeah, and she has a few piercings, but that’s beside the point)

  6. amazing.

    i’m at a loss for word when i try to describe the look she is giving the camera. it just whispers of smoldering desire and wanton lust.

    or maybe its just me.

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  7. I agree with Michelle- there’s nothing spectacular or unique about her piercings. It kinda sucks when the mod scene reflects the mainstream society and encourages women to expose themselves for a spot in the lime light…

  8. It’s a cute picture of a cute girl.
    There doesn’t need to be a political slant to it. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a picture of a cute naked freckled girl is just that and not a sign that the patriarchy has stopped ruining the careers of Four Non Blonds in favor of corrupting the body modification world.

  9. Ummmmm there’s nothing wrong with being naked… especially when you have the most amazing freckles ever

  10. I know it’s been said before, but i don’t think it’s been said enough…………..I want more cute boys on ModBlog!!!!

  11. #25
    Grow up. You don’t have to have a six-inch plate in your lip to be officially modified, you know…

  12. Personally food on naked people grosses me out, I just think they are slovenly and need to take a shower hahaha. I totally thought it was mustard too

  13. ok, so why the hell is this photo on modblog? there is nothing special about it at all, shes just naked with simple nipple piercing’s .

    FOCUS ON THE MODS for fuck sake!!!!!

  14. “Because she’s cute, and cute people belong here.”

    Jesus Christ. People with heavy/interesting mods belong in modblog.

    If you need to see tits use the other 99.99% of the internet.

  15. omg! cutie with freckles and i don’t need to explain the rest as it is self-explanatory …. i wanna take her home. 😛

  16. This harlot must cover her shameful self! I agree with all the whining and complaining over this exquisite beauty with the gorgeous freckles and sweet, inviting drippings over her supple breasts!

    Why, I didn’t come her to have my desire piqued by a captivating stare! Just a straight shot the piercings, please! Leave any and all personality out of future photos or risk offending my delicate internet sensibilities – a crime for which the punishment is having to put up with my pissing and moaning as I detail my butthurt in comment after comment.

  17. Ugh. Quit whining! Modblog is a blog, about mods. She has some. It’s a nice photo. She goes in the blog. Duh.

    Just enjoy the picture. You don’t HAVE to beat off to it, ya know.

  18. “Just enjoy the picture. You don’t HAVE to beat off to it, ya know.”

    And that’s where you’re wrong. This may be the wild west of the Internet, but there are still rules, damn it.

  19. I have no problem with this kind of picture being on the main site of BME. I just thought that modblog was supposed to highlight the cream of the crop pictures. My complaint is no different than those of you who complain when a picture of a sub-paar or even average tattoo winds up on modblog.

  20. Who cares.
    She is modified, and its an okay picture. Well.. I don’t like it, but whatever..
    Modblog doesn’t need to focus on heavy mods, only.
    There’s your share of heavy mods on Modblog. But this isn’t BME Hard, or BME Extreme, its a blog. I think its perfectly fine to have mods of ALL kinds.
    As said, you don’t need a 6 inch lip plate to be modified..
    If all was posted was heavy mods.. (and to stereotype, many of those are genital) people would bitch about al the stretched balls and cut up vag’s on modblog.
    So STFU

  21. haha…I had a lot of fun reading all of your comments. This is art that involves a person with body modifications. There are a lot of pictures that get posted on here that involve this. Sit back and enjoy it for what it is, and if you don’t like it there will other posts here that will be more relevant to your interests. ; )

  22. 25, 36 – Thanks so much for perpetuating the sort of elitism that says that people with less than 80 piercings and tats are ‘mainstream’ or not ‘real’ bodymodders.

    It’s a cute picture. Grow up.

  23. It could have been done better. She could have been laying down on her back naked. Thus us seeing her tits and navel still but not looking as …. tacky (?).

    That’s my preference. As a woman I prefer the classy ladies.

  24. This is crazy, isn’t this a site for all types of mods? Why does there have to be a certain criteria to make the blog? I personally think all mods should have equal postings.
    By the way I love the freckles and the shape of her body….could do without the ice cream..but hey each to their own.

  25. Its sort of funny, the ratio of female to male whingers is skewed,
    I’m catching the scent of jealousy and a glimpse of some funny lookin green eyed monster running off into the bushes over there…
    Grow up whingers, she’s modified, she qualifies for the blog brah.
    Not to mention she’s gorgeous.

  26. i’d love to see how beautiful everyone ripping on her is.

    post links to your pictures, you ugly fucking cretins.

  27. you know i thought that women got enough shit about their weight and boobs and just body image in general shoved down their throat by mainstream media, why are so many women on BME quick to judge other womens perfectly natural ..beautiful bodies ..saying how fat or how bad her boobs know I don’t see your photos up and I would cut off my left arm to look like her… hey at least then iI would be extreme enough to qualify for BME than right…jealousy is so ugly on you ladies..

  28. #58
    Its funny how many people come on this, a blog about body mods and non-stereotypical physicality and lifestyle, and whine cause some girl posted doesn’t have a size 2 body and perfect everything. Mindless media-programmed spoonfed drones. Congrats on buying into the lies!
    I think shes cute as a button. And yay for feckles!

  29. she has lovely freckles! i dont like the idea of sticky ice-block all over me but she seems to enjoy it so power to her.
    big boobies too. wish i had knockers like that.

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