Bring the Rut With You

Hey, haven’t seen this one very often. Geezfools sends in these photos of his friend Chad suspending, facilitated by Hi I’m Buttons. Is there a name for this suspension? If not I’m going to throw it out there: The Hammock Suspension. Think about it.

Another shot, after the jump.

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19 thoughts on “Bring the Rut With You

  1. Bastian: Haha, well, don’t I feel sheepish! Nonetheless …


  2. We did the same configuration a year or so ago and called it “the dead cat” suspension. iam Satans love child wasnt impressed with the name but loved the position.

  3. Aw, i like hammock. dead cat reminds me of what i tried calling it when i threw the idea by my piercing, i just called it “playing dead”

    but hammock rocks.

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