The Crack in the Sky

I can already hear the odd complainer arguing that this picture shouldn’t be here because, oh no, he only has a single lip piercing! That’s not worthy of ModBlog! Well, allow me to retort: Yes, yes it is. And when that lip piercing is being worn by a gentleman in the midst of what is clearly a glorious metal photo shoot? You better believe that’s going on ModBlog. Ten points to anyone who comments using only Mastodon lyrics.

(Piercing by Dana at Adorn Body Art in Beaverton, Oregon.)

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32 thoughts on “The Crack in the Sky

  1. Myth or legend
    Nymph tale washed ashore
    Near the kraken sleepeth stirs coral and bone
    Infinite city
    No sexy sneer
    Hideous creation
    Human and animal

  2. Sir, Sir, I’m sorry sir, but I must inform you that your rings are ever so slightly ridiculous. Beautiful face though. Also whatever you’re pulling away from your face looks like fruticose lichen.

  3. That guy went to my high school! He’s definitely metal and a cool guy. Dana from Adorn did my ear piercings too and he is a great piercer!

  4. “I think that someone is trying to kill me,
    Infecting my blood and destroying my mind”

    and i think it’s him lol

  5. Petrified
    Running faster than I ever have, evading sharks of the sky, the earth’s ashing floats
    What is good for man, cast us out into the unknown

  6. dear mod snobs:

    chase ‘em down string ‘em up
    hate the ones who bring you down”

    mm, lyrical appropriateness.

  7. Dear Mr. Queequeg you have been informed your life’s been saved
    You are not a black-hearted vicious mess so it has been claimed
    If this is the beast pulling us towards the east with mighty waves
    Let us look inside and pull out all your pride you know it’s up to us

  8. Oh my god, Rodney is on Modblog!!
    I’m so happy for him haha. I always loved his style.

  9. Knowing right
    Learning wrong
    What you’re feeling is pressure
    Pulsate new blood
    I’ve seen things you’ve heard never before

  10. That lip piercing is dead on and shiny. I like. I wish modblog featured more iam members though (and linked to their page of course) . How are we supposed to stalk this guy…I mean…build relationships?

  11. People actually claim that “only a single lip piercing” isn’t worthy of ModBlog? Oh please. If a person has NO MODIFICIATIONS then it’s probably not worthy of ModBlog. This guy has a modification. GTFO!

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