So, when we got this photo from Matthias, something seemed a little fishy, a little off. Were his lobes fake? No, no. The white background brightened a bit too much? Nah. And that’s when we realized…tricky bastard Photoshopped urine in place of beer in that gigantic mug. April Fools! Really though, get off the Internet right now before that goddamn Internet worm finds you and molests the shit out of your computers.

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12 thoughts on “Photoshopped!

  1. It fooled me. I never guessed it was urine in that mug. How could a cool dude like Matthias pull a stunt like that !!!

  2. The “goddamn internet worm” is Windows only. So don’t panic, there is no need to worry.

  3. Give him some credit, how much beer would you have to drink to fill that mug with your urine?
    I’m surprised he can still stand

  4. #4 Hey Leo, maybe he had some help from his student mates. Students have an amazing capacity for turning large quantities of beer into urine. When they get older (like me) they move on to large quantites of wine. It’s a great photo.

  5. This is the lamest last minute attempt at an April Fools joke ever! Hey Jordan, how about you start planning next year now so you wont forget this time and you will have something better than a mug of piss that is clearly not photoshopped!

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