Let Me Do My Job

The last time we saw Bloodlessness, she was getting her tongue split and inspiring typically wonderful Photoshop debates. This time around? Just munching on a squid. Just because. Got a problem with that? She doesn’t. Big deal. One squid.

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55 thoughts on “Let Me Do My Job

  1. Yum
    I could go for some tentacles and cute girls.
    To bad the CBR is missing a bead.

  2. octopus*
    that’s so gnarly, she just has the head in her mouth, ahaha. It looks so squirmy.

    And I think CBRs in a septum looks waaay better without the ball. And when I wore the bead in mine for a day, it just got in the way.

  3. Reminds me of that scene in the movie Oldboy when he eats the live octopus.

  4. I love her bridge piercing, the blue of it makes her eyes so much more intense :>

    On the other hand, that squid does look very squirmy!

  5. its a cute octopus, probably tastes good. Octopuses are my favourite cephalopods!

  6. I looooove baby octopus salad, the texture in your mouth is like what imagine a Facehugger from ‘Aliens’ tastes like ^^

  7. Ugh, a piercing pet peeve of mine : CBRs with no bead. GAH
    otherwise, calamari anyone?

  8. Oh, that’s an octopus, thought she went overboard with the tongue splitting, too bad, that would make many a partner very happy.

  9. martine, i wear my septum ring the same way LOL. only cus im too broke to get a new retainer, and i have to flip it up constantly for school. hahah

    good lookin gal tho.

  10. ive fallen in love on modblog before many times but, regardless this one of my favorite shots ever. love

  11. ive fallen in love on modblog before many times but, regardless this one of my favorite shots ever. love

  12. I’ve spent the last few hours playing Resident Evil 5, so this image kinda freaked me out a little at first

  13. Hahaha, I waited for this to load and scrolled down and my reaction was something like
    “Aw, I like that bridge piercing! And she has pretty eyes. And… oh my God, what IS that?”
    Edgy, ModBlog. Edgy.

  14. That was my exact reaction too 23. I saw the tip of the … tentacle thing and I was like ewww wtfff is on her mouthh… ! :-X bleehh

  15. Love the pic but cant eat cephalopods….damn Discovery Channel!!! They’re too smart!

  16. zebra, мои щупальца скоро опутают ( иобщупают) весь мир!))) А вообще, я как-то не расчитывала…

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  18. Ew omg that soooo creepy haha. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but at the same time it totally grosses me out.

  19. There are so many more grosser places that octopus can be placed.



    pretty piercings!

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