Fresh Meat

Triff_id sends in this photo of wife (I think!) having her tongue split. I know the reigning consensus is that tongue-splitting really isn’t particularly traumatic, but that’s a pretty stoic face nonetheless. Russians are of a hearty stock, indeed.

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28 thoughts on “Fresh Meat

  1. It kind of reminds me of that video on modblog awhile back of the Russian boy getting his septum punched.

    And she’s very beautiful.

  2. she does have amazing skin. i’m currently plitting my own tongue and have a question about that nerve like thing running down the center of the bottom of the tongue. what is it?

  3. It’s definately shopped. Look at her hair; it’s like…glowing. But it’s a great picture nonetheless. Makes me cringe! -_-

  4. I think its HDR.
    A perfect combination of shutter speeds, and saturation.
    Im no professional, but wats the point of photoshoping something for Modblog.
    If this is with out PS additions, then its a great pic.

  5. it’s def not HDR, no way did that girl sit there in that same position for 3 or more consecutive shots, plus there is no “halo” around her.
    definitely a shoop.

    love the hair. love the splitting. beautiful girl

  6. well it was a good photograph and hten it looks like a 12 year old myspace queen got ahold of it and photoshoped it

  7. Oy vey. I sharpened the image just a little in Photoshop, but other than that, it’s as is.

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  9. its not hdr.

    and what the fuck does it matter if the color/saturation/sharpening/etc is tweaked? shannon has been photoshopping modblog pics since this blog started. the photoshopping is done to make the image look better/cooler/prettier/etc. isnt that the point?

    the tongue split isnt shopped, and thats really what matters, right? jesus, some people.

  10. It seems as if some might be jealous of unblemished skin.>.> It exists, you know.

    But it doesn’t look like much was done to it. I really like the look of the inside of her tongue. Creepy, but interesting.

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