Be Aggressive

Anders, who’s been featured on ModBlog several million times, checks in with these very nicely executed swallow scarifications. I say it often, but watching the vast, constant improvements in scarification is one of the great joys of being so immersed in this community. I think many of us were probably too young to witness the same sort of growth in the tattoo community, but scarification seems like the next frontier in a lot of ways.

A few more procedural shots, after the jump.

(Scarification by Anders Allinger at Flesh Impressions in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia.)

See more in Scarification by Anders mini portfolio (Scarification)

14 thoughts on “Be Aggressive

  1. getting kind of sick of swallows.. but it is such a proper and clean looking scarification I can’t help but enjoy it a little bit…

  2. Although i really like this piece i wish modblog would post more healed scar work instead of almost nothing but fresh stuff.
    Also I dont know if id call it the new frontier since it is technically what tattooing evolved from. Yes the work being done now is amazing and way more than thought possible 12-15 years ago, but its a very old frontier :)

  3. kinda looks like he got scraped accidentally by the scalpel on his left side.

  4. Thanks heaps !
    Chopstixx: Matt was holding his pet rabbit ,that’s were the scratches came from ,I do see your point :)


  5. I like it, but I’m very confused; most every photo of skin removal here is startlingly bloodless. Every time I have work done I lose buckets (my favorite part I confess). I wonder is this just the judicious pre-photography application of paper towel or what? I must agree with number three I’d like to see how all this shallow work turns out, It’d be a shame if it looks it’s best when it’s fresh. Grace us with a follow up in a few months?

  6. Done really really well. Quite bloodless, which is always my favorite part of a fresh scar. Looks great though. Also, I agree with 8 completely? Yeah, we have a lot of fresh scarification on mod-blog, I’d kind of like to see more healed ones, just my opinion though.

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