Gnats Never Bite Your Nose

So apparently, old Mother Nature doesn’t give a good goddamn that today is the holiest of holies, opening day, and has decided to blanket much of North America in hated snow and sleet and rain, just to be a bitch. Well, luckily, her awful bitterness hasn’t extended to Glasgow Poitiers, France, where the lovely Possessed is just hangin’ out in the sun, pickin’ daisies and stickin’ them through her septum piercing, as one is wont to do on such a summery day. Must be nice.

30 thoughts on “Gnats Never Bite Your Nose

  1. She is seriously gorgeous, and the smaller jewellery looks so good on her
    it’s nice to see more people with smaller sized lobes as well. Not that there’s anything wrong with big massive ones of course

  2. I do thisss! Wee septums can have stuff shoved through tooo (if its a wee one like mine)

  3. Ha, I have an identical picture from my recent trip to Ireland, except someone is also sniffing the flower :P

  4. Luckily the sun is shining in Washington :-) B-e-a-utiful freckles and gorgeous eyes.

  5. Don’t worry, we have plenty of awful bitterness to share ’round Glasgow way.

  6. The location looks so much like Pomfret School in Pomfret, CT, where i was a while. Its freaky how similar it looks…

  7. She is ridiculously adorable! I love all of her mods in this picture! It makes me want to get my septum done so i can stick things in it, haha.

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