Count Every Beautiful Thing We Can See

We’ve featured this beautiful Chris Dingwell backpiece before in a more unfinished state and hot holy damn, it is looking tremendous. The cloud effect, which was discussed at length in the previous post, is much clearer now, the classical-style nudes are a great touch, and the birds on her shoulder are a lovely addition as well. Hopefully we’re kept in the loop if this goes any further!

(Tattoo by Chris Dingwell at Sanctuary Tattoo in Portland, Maine.)

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47 thoughts on “Count Every Beautiful Thing We Can See

  1. That’s beautiful!
    I’d be afraid my significant other will get lost in paradise. ^^

  2. Wish you guys had a bigger picture, I’d love to zoom in and look at some of that detail work cause it just looks incredible!

  3. absolutely stunning!!
    i love the arm piece the most also, but obviously the entire thing is gorg.

  4. Hooray for Neutral Milk Hotel.
    This has shown up on the amazing_ink livejournal community and it deserves all the recognition it’s gotten.
    I really love the work I’ve seen coming from Sanctuary Tattoo.
    The way that wing curves with her shoulder is perfect!

  5. wow wow HOLY SHIT
    i LOVE it! i love classic inspired tattoos they are just so classy and timeless. BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Absolutely stunning back piece. I’m in love with the bird section.
    Have to agree on the breast of the female figure, it kinda stands out in the bad way, it also bothers me a little that they don’t have the feet :(

  7. the shading is so gorgeous
    i love the birds as well
    amazing piece of art

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