Without a Porpoise

America’s favorite vagabond, Howie, who is no stranger to the ol’ ModBlog, checks in with this fancy fish cutting he did with his apprentice, Brendong. Howie said this cutting was performed “down under,” which I assume is a reference to either Australia or Hades, the abode of the dead. Hard to say.

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22 thoughts on “Without a Porpoise

  1. I reeeally hope this retains all its detailing after healing, it would be a shame otherwise.

  2. This was done on my leg at the Sydney tattoo convention, took them bout hour and a half with Howie and Brendong lol cutting together, the dots are a 1.5mm bio punch and its all healing in very nicely. thanks for all the great coments.. and as always thanks again for the great work guys..

  3. this cutting is really amazing. i hope it looks just as good when it’s healed…

  4. These smaller-scale super detailed cuttings always scare the bejeesus out of me.
    Your body would have to have a very specific way of healing to be able to heal a piece like this in a way where all the detail was retained.
    Hopefully it all goes well, but I’d love to see a healed shot at some point :]

  5. this is an absolutely gorgeous piece, the dots on the scales are a marvelous touch.

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