Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s start the day off right, with an Island of Dr. Moreau–esque hell demon. This insane Leslie Nielsen/butterfly cross was tattooed by Chris Hall at Crown and Anchor Tattoo in Barrie, Ontario, and, well…wow. I support this wholeheartedly, don’t get me wrong, but in the interest of safety, I think both artist and client should check their homes for gas leaks.

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24 thoughts on “Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

  1. funny idea , and you can see it’s leslie nielsen , but i don’t think the artist is good enough for tattooing portraits …

  2. That quote isnt even said by leslie nielson. Its said by the pilot in Airplane. Leslie plays the doctor

  3. Leslie Nielsen is one of my fav comedians and this tattoo is poor. Funny, but Lislie is not looks like himself… yeah, I know, my english is poor too, but I hope, you can understand me.

  4. So heavy black work and a few random others aside modblog posts a bunch of shit tattoos as if they were something good. To my knowledge bme/modblog are some of the most heavily hit websites in the tattoo and piercing world so how bouts you dont post anymore shit like this leaving the general public to think this is what a color portrait should look like

  5. Man, it’s Lloyd Bridges, who played the pilot in Airplane. And Lloyd Bridges does look very like George W Bush, and maybe a bit like a poor portrait of Leslie Nielsen.
    Could the person who owns this tattoo not come and comment to clear this up?

  6. man, the wings are solid
    but that portrait sucks!
    the eyes are crooked and lame, the mouth is basically a pink area and overall it looks washed out and ready to retire!
    this NEEDS a 2nd sitting for sure

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