Caravan Breakers

So, in honor of everyone’s favorite holiday, Passover, which is just chock full of all sorts of fun plagues, here we have a frog (that probably fell from the heavens) using a fancy umbrella to cover itself from the raining blood! Wait, was that a plague or a Slayer song? Either way.

(Tattoo by Dan Smith at High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood, California.)

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25 thoughts on “Caravan Breakers

  1. the umbrella looks clumsy and odd… does the artist know how umbrellas work?

  2. #3 The better question is does the artist realize frogs lack the finger strength to hold an umbrella above them.

  3. Damn, I was just talking to my artist about High Voltage the other day, and he mentioned that Dan (who used to work at the shop I go to in little old Adelaide) is now working there. Creepy much?

    It’s a nice looking fellow, it reminds me of a cane toad.

  4. Maybe that little toad’s holding a nice Tiffany lamp and you’re all wrong =)

    There should be a group of Plague-themed tattoos. Toads, locusts, Angel of Death, etc…I can see ithat on ModBlog.

  5. Iron Maiden t-shirt? :P
    I really like the tattoo. Even though the tattoo artist has clearly used his artistic artistic licence with that umbrella, I know some old umbrellas (like from the 18th and 19th century) have that kind of round shape with the elongated peak.

  6. nice and clean tattoo ,good job mr.smith ,i wonder if wonder randy has a tattoo more thn a sick tribal or kanjis up his arm because those are sooo cool theyre the coolest tattoos to date

  7. I did some sweet tribal on wonder randy, he has got sweet tribals up his arm and he is planning on getting some face tribal like mike tyson! what a guy.

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