Hissing Sprigs

Alright, I think we need a bit of a palate cleanser after ye olde fartbarf down there. And you know what? I think the lovely Anna and her “sweet friend Floor” are just the ticket. Agreed? Agreed!

A few more photos, after the jump.

(Photos by Benoit Meeus.)

See more in Ear Stretching (past 1/2″) (Ear Piercing)

44 thoughts on “Hissing Sprigs

  1. Cute underwear, girls, mods… well… pretty much just everything, yeah everything about this picture is hot!

  2. Yes yes Anna is an extremely beautiful woman but I would love to see someone else on Modblog for once.

  3. i feel ashamed. and i know you guys will think i should.

    i had asked my fiancee to stop stretching her ears at 1 inch. i think they’re sexy and didn’t want her going any bigger.

    these girls have shown me the error of my ways.

    beautiful, ladies. stunning really. +1 for black and white too.

  4. HOT FUCKING DAMN!!!!!!!! I could just die she’s just so freaking beautiful. Oh! Anna how I long for you….

  5. I agree with Ashley #6 – Anna is beautiful and photographs well but on Modblog I expect a bit more variety please

  6. that heart is looking awesome, i wish the hawk was up
    and the double nostrils on the other woman looks especially coolo in that 1st foto

  7. I think I was happier when I still believed that people who looked that good didn’t really exist.
    The still don’t where I live.
    How lame is that?

  8. I could look at Anna every day. She’s beautiful. And I agree with whoever said it, the other woman’s nostrils look great in that first photo (so does the rest of her).

  9. 1.i pierced one of Floors Nostrils, so thanks for the compliment on my work!
    2.Thanks for the compliments on myself! it was a great shoot with a great friend and a great photographer, it wouldn’t have happened without them.
    3. Instead of complaining people should maybe submit some nice pictures! ;)

    Thanks for modblogging me,BME team <3

    PS: it’s not a mohawk!

  10. 3. Instead of complaining people should maybe submit some nice pictures! ;)
    - oh dear, that sounded a bit nasty :(

  11. ughhh. it seems like i see the lady on the right everytime i visit modblog. find some new people!!!

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