Put a Ribbon Around It

Well hey, this is pretty cute! I’m not sure what the source material is, but according to the internets, there’s a whole lot of similar imagery out there. Few other pictures, however, feature a robot girl handing over her mechanical, tungsten-fed heart to a wide-eyed gentleman, so, score one for the microdermal enhancement.

(Microdermal by January at Modified Evolution in Colorado Springs, Colorado.)

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60 thoughts on “Put a Ribbon Around It

  1. the quality of that tattoo is horrible… although the idea is cool, i personally wouldnt of payed to enhance it with a microdermal that is probably more than the cost of the tat

  2. Cant tell if its a angry microdermal or just red ink tattoo but either way that microdermal dont look so happy heh.

  3. Sadly you cannot polish a turd but if you put inserting a well placed micro dermal is way more original then just trying to roll it in glitter or the typical lasering it and covering it in some newskool/old school/tribal/Aisan-French fusion decorated all around with parsley thing that nobody here will like anyway… clearly the client and the practitioner, like I, liked it enough to share it.

  4. im really distracted by the fact that it is veeerrry hairy. =\

    isnt it just nasty when you get like an ingrown hair in one of your tattoos? ick.

  5. Worst tattoo ever. I agree with #1, I wouldn’t have spent the money to enhance it with a microdermal. I’d rather have spent the money to get the tattoo touched up.

  6. I’ve seen that drawing before, but personally, I would have gotten the actual tattoo touched up BEFORE trying to enhance it with a nice dermal anchor.

    Cos its sorta just like putting a pretty diamond on a piece of crap.

  7. My goodness. The quality is downright terrible. Putting a microdermal there is like putting a big sparkly bow on a dead cat.

  8. This is an old internet emo-sketch. I saw it thousand times! And yeah, qulity of tattoo and microdermal is really poor.

  9. oh dear. ive seen the orignal picture a few times. it has clear bold lines on it and strong colour…

    tattoo = fail

  10. I was hoping he just drew on his belly with a biro :/ can’t quite believe this is a tattoo. someone tell me my first thought was right? please??

  11. i dunno… it seems pretty lame to me…
    but i guess its a mod…? gotta feature a range i guess.
    i agree totally with #15.

  12. Seriously.. is it necessary to constantly bash on people and their mods? I thought the whole idea of COMMUNITY was so that people could be together in an environment where they feel safe and respected to express themselves. The modded population has enough trouble being accepted into society as it is.. fighting amongst ourselves just makes it even worse. Why can’t you just be respectful? Present a united front, whether you like something or not. Sheesh.

  13. It’s cute…
    I’m not a fan of piercings and microdermals in tattoos..
    That’s just me.
    But it’s something that really bugs me.. like, leave the tattoo alone!

  14. I’m not going to lie. This is one of the worst articles ever. Poor quality, poor piercing. When did it become quantity over quality?

  15. In response to #23:
    While I agree with you that supporting each other is an important thing, I don’t think that mindlessly praising shit work is constructive for anyone. “Just being nice” about poorly executed modifications doesn’t help unify the community; it promotes shitty work. Having a modification of any kind doesn’t make it a good one.

  16. @23:
    While we do admittedly get too harsh sometimes (and I am at fault for that, I realize), this community knows what a good and bad tattoo look like far better than some stranger off the street. I agree with 29 in that the “just being nice” approach promotes poor quality work, but I also feel that sometimes it’s almost our responsibility to point out bad work to people to open their eyes to it, so they can maybe think about getting it touched up in the future.
    We are only trying to help, even if we sometimes go about it in the wrong way and get carried away with the insults.

  17. yea, get over yourself, 23. this site should also be about education. about trying to develop a positive outlook on body modification. having crap like this out there doesnt do anyone any good. especially the individual wearing it. do some research for god sakes.

  18. the quality is bad and i don’t know if that is intentional or not but tbh i like the way it looks.
    i hope the micro heals up alright in that area.

  19. Not an original tattoo at all, and like everyone’s said, very poor quality.
    I don’t think the microdermal is badly done though, I think the redness is because it’s freshly done so it’s probably just a bit of blood.

  20. The idea of the community is to post UNIQUE and some of the BEST body mods, not something you found at your local ink hole that may or may not even be licensed.

    This tattoo is horrible,there’s no other way to state that. The idea is cute, I’ve seen that picture a million times online but the execution sucks.

  21. What the fuck has happened to this blog? Surely you get enough submissions to make picking shit better than this pretty easy.

  22. I really love that we can do tons of posts in a row that people love (or are at least interested in), but then one single thing gets posted that some readers think is sub-par and all of a sudden it’s indicative of some incredible slide into mediocrity and irrelevance. Talk about a culture of “What have you done for me lately?” Unbelievable.

  23. Some readers? This IS sub-par, you can’t tell me that the quality of this tattoo is good or even passable. If you had gotten a tattoo like that, wouldn’t you be upset with the artist? It’s not the artwork, like most of us said, it’s the quality of the tattoo.

  24. The blog is still interesting, still produces discussion and considering its free its well worth the entertainment I get out of it

    Remember every litter has its runt, you cant produce daily updates without occasionally doing one that SOMEONE doesnt like.

    Dont stress, much love from the real community even if their not voicing it Jordan.

  25. I fucking love this!!! Who cares that it’s poorly executed, thats stating the obvious, haters.

  26. I don’t understand why people are complaining so much, if posts like this annoy you so damn much then why are you still here? If you think this blog is ‘sub-par’ then go and start your own, find all your own images, update it daily and create your own following. I’ve been following BME and this blog for years yet don’t have enough money (silly student type) to create an account and i’m really very grateful this blog is still going.

    I know i’m probably in a minority but I much prefer post like this to gratuitous naked shots where the only real purpose is so people can comment with things like ‘Damn, that’s hot’.

    We all have our personal opinions and someone is always going to shoot you down for them on an internet blog. Perhaps i’m just too polite and English but I don’t see the point in arguing like this.

  27. I’d much rather read “Damn thats hot” than see work done that not only is sub-par but even downright terrible. Personally I’m all for showing diverse things, new styles of tattoos, experimental mods, things that are innovative and interesting. When something like this is posted on a blog that has world wide attention, then one needs to consider the overall objective of whoevers posting up the work. There are thousands upon thousands of pieces uploaded every day, and of those, why choose a picture thats so bland of a tattoo that is tasteless, poorly done, and a piercing that doesnt even look like it was done correctly. Even if it was shown to be an example, the description sure doesnt point in that direction.

  28. Am I being stupid in thinking that this tattoo was designed to look like it does?
    The style of the characters and writing suggest it is supposed to look like it was drawn by a child.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I like it.

  29. I like it, I find it aesthetically pleasing. Then intention behind it or it’s quality don’t really come into it (for me at least).

    Perhaps the powers that be were just sat in their BME world feeling pretty bored and decided to post this to create some drama. It probably makes for some fun reading from their point of view 🙂

    As they say round these parts “quit ya bitchin”.

  30. “What have you done for me lately”? Really?

    Go back to the archives one year ago and the vast difference in quality AND quantity of posts will tell you why so many people are so unhappy with Modblog now.

  31. I can take a “sub-par” entry anyday as long as we still get one of those “guess the bodypart” pics now and then haha.
    (I’m thinkin we’re due.)

  32. I’m bitching because this used to be an extremely interesting blog. I didn’t agree with many of Shannon’s opinions, but the man could choose a good blog entry for sure. Quality over quantity. When someone’s getting as many submissions of amazing work as bmezine, there’s no excuse for a shit post like this.

  33. @48

    I think you just reinforced the point….

    If you were actually paying money to see this site, on the other hand…

  34. 29, 30, and 31

    I NEVER said you should praise shit work… not once. What I said was, you should NOT BASH IT. If you don’t like something, keep your mouth shut. It takes a whole lot more effort to type up and post a degrading remark, when you could just cruise on by and not put your rude opinion out there. Presenting a united front does not mean praising everyone’s tattoos; it means speaking up when you like something and shutting up when you don’t.

    30-> Pointing out a bad tattoo to make the person realize it’s bad? First of all.. they could WANT it to look like that, you have no idea what their personal intention was when getting the tattoo. And secondly, if someone publicly degraded my tattoos.. they would be the last people I would take advice from about getting it touched up.

    31-> I’m pretty sure I don’t need to do any research, seeing as how I currently work in a well respected tattoo shop and am, in fact, heavily modified. Ass.

  35. I love the crappiness of this! With the chickenscratch lettering as well, it looks like it’s supposed to be that shitty. Love it!

  36. I beleive Jordan wanted to highlight the use of microdermals to augment a tattoo piece, plain and simple. I like the concept, but would like to see this be rendered better. It has potential.

    Also, I’d love to see more weird/interesting genital mods. I feel there has been too much “pretty people” posting. Wouldn’t it be a very neat idea to occasionnally show some modified people’s professionnal lives? The ones that don’t just pierce or tattoo, to see the wide range of opportunities we DO have… Just gotta be the best at what you do, someday mods or no mods, it won’t matter to the general public. 🙂

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