This Week in BME

And so goes the week, everyone. Before we wrap things up, take a gander at this lovely temporary corset, with piercings by Filoz out of Milano, Italy, and as photographed by Andrea Degrada. A couple more shots, after the jump.

So, what went down this time around?

- We got an update on this gorgeous Dingwell backpiece.

- Howie checked in with this excellent koi cutting.

- Caught a glimpse of Uranium Hobo’s fancy bug plugs.

- Darwin stared into our souls, probably.

- This week’s hilarious controversy hinged on this gentleman’s eyelid tattoos, which really got the blood pumping, for some reason, until we posted an update, which ended all arguing on the Internet, forever.

- We profiled Markus Cuff, who, in addition to recording an album with Emmylou Harris once, has been one of the chief photographers for a little magazine called Tattoo for 15 years or so.

- We fartbarfed.

And that’s it, friends. We’ll be here over the weekend here and there, and then ramp it back up to normal striking power on Monday. Have a good weekend, ModBloggers, stay safe, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

14 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. I’m liking the cheeky grin they both have.. Like they’re up to no good. Not usually a big fan of corset piercings due to seeing them round each corner online.. But It’s nice to see a well done, and seemingly fun way of portraying it. And on such a nice Model Also :-D

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  3. hes really hot.

    ahh man i love corset piercings. soo pretty. especially this one. loving the black and red ribbons

  4. It something about piercers and those sexy black gloves that does it for me :)
    I like photo #3 for sure!

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