A Heavy Yoke

The ever-impressive Roland in Freiburg, Germany (more), sends in this excellent fresh cutting, done on a fella who appears to work out every now and then.

As well, we’ve had a few commenters note lately that they’d like to see more healed scarification work, so check back tomorrow to see an in-progress report on a cutting we’ve featured recently. You think you’re excited? Feel these nipples!

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15 thoughts on “A Heavy Yoke

  1. omfg i saw this and i was like okay, so its a guys chest. wait, there’s a nipple there; now it kind of looks like a tit.

    and lo and behold its a guys pec. o.0 NICEE. the cutting is ahhhhmazing. makes me shiver though, it must’ve hurt soooo much omfg.

  2. wow :]
    what a gorgeous scorpion cutting….took me while to find his nipple though! for a sec i was like OMFG THEY TOOK HIS NIPPLE TOO!! XD im blonde shhh

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