Moments of Comfort

What is the measure of a man? Is it the fine luxury automobile he drives? Perhaps the house he owns? Or maybe the children who carry on his legacy? Well…considering I don’t have a car, a house or kids, I’m gonna say it’s the heartiness of your beard. And by that logic, Alice is the goddamn manliest man I’ve ever seen. Another shot of her imperial bristles, after the jump.

(Tongue split by Iestyn.)

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26 thoughts on “Moments of Comfort

  1. I would berate her on her root up keep but I cant really talk at the moment and have succumbed to the fuzz.

  2. dirty hippie! i guess thats one way to keep your face warm

    now that ive got the snarky bit out of the way….
    i really like that pic, that would make a great portrait

  3. I swear last time I saw a picture of Alice she was completely bald

    and the messy roots look good as far as I’m concerned

  4. roots… roots? as if her roots are even that bad! and who really cares. i too though am stunned at alices ability to grow dreads from no hair in the space of about two years… maybe its been longer. anyway, bravo!

  5. Am I THE only one that sees that that “beard” is her dreads pulled and tied around her face?

    As far as messy roots: There’s at least six inches of regrowth, so maybe it was her intention to have her hair as such.

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