A Day Long Remembered

You know, I think this sends a good message: Even if you’re a murderous Sith Lord, you still deserve to be remembered and memorialized at your best. This one was tattooed on Matt by Kannonball at F/X Tattoos in Ashtabula, Ohio. They got his good side, no?

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28 thoughts on “A Day Long Remembered

  1. I’m bummed out that the line work is shoddy and it is not symmetrical at all like Darth Vader should be… I like the idea a lot though, but an extra few minutes making the design not look like a sketch would have been awesome

  2. My first thought when I saw this tattoo was “sweet some one got a Spaceballs tattoo!” and then I read the caption and my heart cried a little….

  3. @16. Don’t be an asshole. I saw the myspace post you’re referring to, and if you knew him, you’d know his use of ‘ internet famous ‘ was used humorously.

  4. hahaha matt used to live on my couch.

    and ass-hole-bula is a piece. i’m suprised he didn’t hit up the one in mentor.

  5. I do believe that if anyone knew a thing about traditional tattoos they would know that they aren’t supposed to be perfectly symmetrical. they aren’t supposed to have billions of colors. they aren’t realism they are traditional, they are styled after 50′s military stuff. learn your history before you talk a bunch of shit.

  6. Everyone should check out my Vader calf piece. It runs circles around this one.

    If you’re gonna tribute something as epic as Star Wars, especially Vader, put some time and effort into it.
    Could have been a cool concept though.

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