Set the Teeth

Ha, oh look, here’s a fine example of your common “tramp-stamp” tattoo! Note the flash tribal and poorly shaded Pisces symbol, all encased in…OK, I’m going to stop joking about this before that thing comes to life and bites the shit out of me. This excellent set of tiger eyes comes to us from Sean Karn at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia.

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39 thoughts on “Set the Teeth

  1. And covering a rather impressive set of scars. Beautiful tattoo work! I have a soft spot for tigers and hate to see them poorly represented on bad tattoos….this one is awesome though

  2. A c-section scar wouldn’t be nearly that long, it’s not like you’re birthing a baby out of your hipbones.
    Beautiful work though.

  3. Usually I don’t like animal tattoos that much, but this one is just gorgeous! I think the tattoo, instead of hiding the scar, even makes it part of the art work (at least in the centre it is part of the face “wrinkles” of the tiger, as the tiger presumably is baring its teeth)

  4. That looks like a gorgeous scar underneath this. I don’t like animal tattoos in general but this is executed so nicely 🙂 those eyes are sharp!

  5. The scars hidden well, and thats the best looking tiger tattoo i have ever seen. Really beautiful.

  6. I agree with 5, I think the scar really adds to it.
    This is one of the best lower back tattoos I’ve ever seen.

  7. The scar resembles the one you get from surgery to remove excess skin after losing a great deal of weight. Really really nice way to cover a scar like that.

  8. 4:

    — “tramp stamps” although I hate that term, are located on the lower back. This person had a back surgery most likely. My mom’s ex had scars just like these. Covering them must have SUCKED pain wise..

    Kudos though, it’s utterly beautiful.

  9. Since this is of the upper part of a tiger’s face and it’s on the lower part of a person’s torso, does that mean what’s lower down is a vagina dentata?

  10. This lady already had a set of tiger eyes on her stomach below her navel, she then had a tummy tuck which cut the tattoo right in half. i covered the half tattoo and the scar with this. the scar really isn’t so visible after the swelling is gone. this tattoo took about 4 hour to complete. thanks for all the good comments


  11. Thats the scar from a tummy tuck? Wow. They didn’t bother to try to hide it well.

    Amazingamazing tattoo!

  12. Oh wow, this is amazing! Tigers are one of my favourite animals, they’re so powerful and majestic. I think this tattoo really does that justice.

  13. Excellent
    Love the sharp eyes
    And the scars definitely add up to it
    I don’t like animal tattoos, but would wear this one with pride

  14. Usually people ask “What will you do when you get pregnant?” with stomach tattoos, bet they never even think of what happens if you get a tummy tuck! In these days thats something to take into consideration haha. Amazing work, the scars make it look all angry.

  15. “Ha, oh look, here’s a fine example of your common “tramp-stamp” tattoo! ”

    but its not a back, its a stomach!

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