Don’t Know If I Can

Well, this impressive. The ihung folks have been working with a gentleman named Ivan who conceived of this 25-foot-tall PVC-pipe dome structure, which is apparently based on some manner of sacred geometry forms, and have put it to use for suspension purposes. Rumor has it, they’ll be building an even bigger one this weekend at the Dallas SusCon. More photos, after the jump.

(Photos courtesy of Beth.)

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24 thoughts on “Don’t Know If I Can

  1. That is just unfair. I don’t even have enough room in my ‘yard’ for a table, never mind a super awesome suspension dome. Very nice construction and curious to see what sort of things can be done with it.

  2. well done
    its amazing what you can do with some PVC
    aside from poisoning the planet, of course

  3. #2- I’m sure the computer you’re typing on is made of tree bark, leaves, and feces…not non-renewable materials, right? Stop hating.

  4. It’s great to see pictures of this. We got to hang out with Dave K and some of the other folks involved a few weeks back at a pretty awesome BBQ, and heard them talking about this! Great job!

  5. LISA!!!! aw, we had to leave before she suspended, so glad the pictures made it on here.

  6. This is beautiful. I feel inspired and happy that suspension is only evolving more and more and that spiritual/ universal themes are integral in such examples. I think its time for the anti-gravity psysuspension.

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