Betting on People

A few people mentioned in the comments for yesterday’s tiger post that they weren’t big on animal tattoos, but that that one had turned them into believers. Well, apparently Sean Karn at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia, wasn’t satisfied with converting just a few of you, so he’s shared this wildlife sleeve, which is really just pages from National Geographic that he glued to a client’s arm is one of the nicest pieces I’ve probably ever seen. Also, that morose water buffalo on top looks like it could use a hug.

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44 thoughts on “Betting on People

  1. That is incredible.
    It’s so beautifully performed; this might convert me to animal tattoos.

  2. 2 is right, not a water buffalo.

    Regardless though, this is a beautiful tattoo! I still don’t think I’d ever get an animal tattoo, but this certainly makes the idea more appealing.

  3. Woooooooooooow. I have nothing else to say,really. Just amazingly executed.Thats not a tattoo,it’s fine art.

  4. Wow I can´t find the right words to descripe what I think about that artwork… it is sooo hard to find really good realistic tattoos from animals like these one here. It´s very IMPRESSIVE!

  5. Wow, I’ve never really been a big fan of wildlife tattooes
    But this is fantastic.

  6. It’s awesome… but I doubt that’s a water buffalo… Looks more like a buffalo… and all the other critters our north american. Nice set of wildlife tattoos for an outdoors man… I love it!

  7. That arm looks so manly that I wouldn’t be surprised if the hand on the end of it had razor sharp claws.

    I also like the wee squirrel hiding just above the owl

  8. incredible tattoo, but everyone is right, that’s isn’t a water buffalo, it appears to be just a plain ol’ buffalo. but i’d volunteer Jordan to do the hugging.

  9. I love the little squirrel.
    Also, #7: Of course, placing all sorts of beautiful creatures on your arm, as an expression to how much you love shooting them :]
    I should get me a zombie!

  10. WOW this is insane, the way it’s shadowed, everything, It’s just so realistic. And it looks like the tatto is made for the arm, it almost melts in with the skin

  11. Wow! Buffalo, wolf, owl, bald eagle, bighorn sheep, moose, chipmunk, elk, cougar, fox, and 2 bears ; all so alive and expressive! If I were in the Norfolk area, I would definitely go to Sean Karn for the cougar tattoo I’m planning.

    Any recommendations for a realistic animal tattoo in Atlanta?

  12. WOW
    i was going to be my typical asshole self and make some comments about what macho, beastiality lover this guy must be
    but then i saw the squirrel

    and thats just too awesome

  13. Thank you, almaxaquotal. I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. There are no buffalo in North America–only bison.

    Stunningly gorgeous sleeve, though. Sean Karn has every right to be proud.

  14. That is absolutely stunning cut and paste work!!!!!! (if it is just pages from a national geographic)

  15. This is the most beautiful example of North America wildlife, as a tattoo, that I’ve ever seen,and yes,that is an American Bison,not a water buffalo.


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