As a Bridle in My Mouth

Let’s wrap up this lovely day with these neck 7 mm silicone neck implants by Mathias at Rata Body Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this picture, they’re 10 days old, and hey, he’s got a matching set on the other side! See those, after the jump.

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31 thoughts on “As a Bridle in My Mouth

  1. They look great, especially for non-traditional implant.

    Much prefer these to horns, gives off a nice ‘alien’ aesthetic.

    //would love to slowly turn into one of gigers creations ;D

  2. He’s a shaaaaaaaaaark!

    Suck his diiiiick!

    He’s a shaaaaaaaaark!

    Okay enough of that, I honestly think these are great. Love the placement.

  3. You know, I was going to say that he’s a shaaaark thing, but chose not to.
    I’m glad someone picked up the slack.

  4. yeah i agree with Tera, need to see a shot from a little further away.
    looking good though!
    – Shawn, why do you find the placement questionable?

  5. shark, suck his dick? I have no idea what you guys are on about… fill me in?
    Anyway, i find this awesome :] i love it and would love to see them with a little less swelling!

  6. Looks really cool, though I wonder if they will actually move all over, the neck’s constantly moving and they look like they’d like to explore it
    Pretty original, though, I still like it
    An it’s out from under Argentina as well!! (Y)

  7. Those are awesome….but I’m not sure how I feel about anything that close to my jugulars and carotids. The possibility of something going wrong may be small, but I could see that being a problem.

  8. Must have caught them quite a few times when they were freshly done, changing shirts ect.
    They look nice, wonder if he will have any problems in the future.

  9. as much as sucking shark dick would be an experience im sure, sharks do not possess a dick. they fuck their bitches with modified fins made out of cartiledge
    but it still looks awesome!

  10. This worries me. Necks move so much that I’m a bit wary of doing much to them. A nape piercing or some anchors is one thing, but implants are entirely another.


    Implants are arousing.

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