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Well hey, it’s Brianna, looking fancy, showing off the ol’ “Nerd Life” inner arm tattoos! There’s a lot to like about Brianna’s work, not the least of which is her nice, colorful BME Calm logo. What’s that, you can’t see it? Well…best look after the jump.

(“Nerd Life” by Ben Reigle, formerly of Lucky’s in Northampton, Massachusetts, now at Nautilus Tattoo in Newington, Connecticut.)

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58 thoughts on “Why We’re Here

  1. as a straight girl, she looks much better without clothes… but girls clothes are made by men so most of us do! haha 🙂 smiles for pretty ladies and those who look beautiful and full of personality naked rather than just like objectified sex objects.
    Rock on

  2. YTCracker is the greatest!

    We sail ships that’re made of sand
    more gold on board than a Krugerrand.

  3. Ugly One: I hope no one cool or famous is staring at me!
    George Washington: Look! Look at that girl!

  4. I zoomed in on the teen girl squad tattoo to get a closer look. Given the choices for zooming I think it might have been the gayest thing I’ve ever done.

  5. ♥.♥
    I love how the logo fits perfectly in size and color against her really light colored skin

  6. amazingly beautiful girl. My fav part is in the first photo how it looks like the camera is taking a shot up her dress.

  7. Each new time I fall in love with someone featured on BMEzine I grow a little more hopeful that there are enough seemingly amazing gals out there that maybe I can meet someone who blows my mind and is literally more awesome than I could have imagined.

    Honestly, if you’d asked me to put together the perfect woman from the outside in, my imagination wouldn’t have been able to come up with someone so beautiful showing such personality!

  8. Wow, does she ever have the Samus Aran dimensions… I want to know what subject she feels nerdy about.

  9. what makes her a nerd? being trendy is not cool so i’d like some proof of her nerdiness.

  10. K, she plays more video games than any girl i have ever seen. And you can talk about old school games, and she’ll know what you’re talking about. She loves starwars. She’s a pretty big nerd.

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