Hey, who doesn’t love Casual Fridays? After a week cooped up in some corporate monkey-suit, you finally get to let loose and hang out, as nature intended. Things may get a touch drafty, though. At any rate, click through to de-Phil.

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32 thoughts on “Peek-a-Phil


    That intense stare with his cock hanging out is hillarious. Nice PA though.

  2. bah no way 6 & 7… men who shave remind me of little boys.
    — just an observation haha

  3. I’m with 8.

    We’re meant to have hair down there. Otherwise you look prepubescent!

  4. Not into the bald look there, but he could at least use a trim… Anyways, nice piercing, but the pose and the pants I don’t get…. to each their own.

  5. this is the most ridiculous picture i have ever seen!
    I can’t get over the facial expression.
    I’m going to picture this in my mind later and laugh to myself like a lunatic.

  6. #12: “almost as if he were saying “this is my penis, you will respect it””

    That’s what I was thinking too. Only with a more rapist-cop feeling to it..

  7. That’s probably the manliest pose you could possibly make with your wang hangin out of your pants.

    Nice piece though, definitely.

  8. He def looks like a jarhead and no way to the shaving. I shaved once, cut me balls, wife said she felt like she was with a little boy (could be my small goods though) and when it grows back it itches for WEEKS!!!!!!! Nice piercing I want one. My wife doesn’t want me to cause she thinks it will hurt. Any help with that?

  9. HAHAHAH I agree with 15! Def a rapist cop feel to the wang-respect glare! And yeah…. ummmmm… you trim your mustaches and beards and head hair, why not trim up the mad disco bush??? It doesn’t require shaving or ball cutting, just take some scissors and prune a little!!!

  10. wow, a bme cock shot that isn’t erect. all hail “flacid phil”. ha ha. sorry bud. i’m sure its just as marvelous erect.

    phil vs the room throws me off, how is he fitting in there and what happened to the shadow on the dresser?

  11. Am I the only one who’s weirded out by the color contrast between his dick and the rest of his body? The forest of pubes probably doesn’t help, but damn.

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